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  1. LovG

    [Defense / Survival] Village Fall

    Gameplay Information Main Quest: - Defend the Castle from 50 waves of upcomming monsters! - The three brave heroes must survive. Gameplay features: Two specializations & talents for each heroes. Secret buffs and hidden optional quests. Up to three players. Cooperative...
  2. ScrewTheTrees

    [Defense / Survival] The Very End of You

    The Very End of You. Commanding probably the last living creatures on the continent. How long can you last? Discord Server: https://discord.gg/rnrURmxtw2 Overview The Very End of You. Is a map about holding out. The world has ended and you have to survive. You are in charge of a small runaway...
  3. Ozymandias

    The Last Stand v0.3.1

    The Last Stand Join the Discord Server Follow the map on the Warcraft III Map Database Find the project on Github Build a camp and defend against the undead armies during the night. Build together or try to survive alone! With no pre-defined locations to build you can build anywhere...


    Hey everyone I'm trying to put together a squad in for the custom game Undead Assault II. The game requires experienced players but I get that we're not going to get that right away. Basicailly as new players you choose from operators (Medic (Corpsman), Riflemen, or Machine Gunner) as we do...
  5. Pure Geilheit

    [Tower Defense] Defend your Castle 1.0

    Defend your Castle This map is currently only available in German. Maybe I´ll add english later. You have to defend your Castle and king against a massive zombie horde. Build towers, traps and train troops and heroes to fortify your position and hold them long enough up. Currently...
  6. Zoson

    Need the map name... please!

  7. Super Mario

    [Miscellanous / Other] Click the Zombie 2.00 BETA

    Click the Zombie 2.00 BETA! made by DEFACKTwalker Map Description: This is just another stupid zombie map and is a parody to all those zombie maps on the warcraft universe. You have to click the zombies to kill them. This map is the team version of my older one 'Click the Zombie 1.04'. It...
  8. Lions_Blood

    Looking for MakeMeHost Mappers Priority Account HELP

    Hello, i am a professional map maker looking for help within the HiveWorkshop Community. My current project that is still being developed is ZDC or Zombie Defense Custom. It is extremely popular when hosted but can rarely be updated due to a lack of hosting. I'd like to point out that ENT is...