world of warcraft

  1. Homor

    [SD/Modeling] Grimtotem Tauren Chieftain

    I just realized nobody did this yet and it's kind of annoying. We have a Grimtotem skin for regular tauren and Spiritwalkers but apparently nobody ever did a proper one for the Tauren Chieftain. Can someone help complete the roster?
  2. Warseeker

    [HD/Modeling] Extract WoW Model

    Hello, can someone extract this old wow cataclysm login screen and convert it to Warcraft 3? Thanks!P.S: I don't know if this login screen even still exists, but if it does then I could really use it!
  3. Grimsnarl

    [Solved] World of Warcraft - Silverpine Forest Trees

    Hai there! As the title states, I am looking for ported tree models that can be found within World of Warcraft's Silverpine Forest. I'm currently copying the WoW zone into WC3 and while the trees that I have right now look great, I would much prefer if someone could post the in-game models of...
  4. Stratholme.png


    Battle For Azeroth in game pic
  5. Silvermoon.png


    Battle For Azeroth in game pic
  6. Shadowforge.png


    Battle For Azeroth in game pic
  7. Quel Danas.png

    Quel Danas.png

    Battle For Azeroth in game pic
  8. Lordaeron City.png

    Lordaeron City.png

    Battle For Azeroth in game pic
  9. Aerie Peak.png

    Aerie Peak.png

    Battle For Azeroth in game pic
  10. Hellborne

    [Strategy / Risk] Battle for Azeroth (WIP)

    Introducing Battle for Azeroth (WIP): A strategy map inspired by Azeroth Wars / Warcraft Legacies, Lordaeron the Foremath & Aftermath and other strategy maps. Introduction: The map is set during the fourth war between the Horde and Alliance. Geographically the map covers most of Azeroth...
  11. Gerhajdu89

    [Role Playing Game] Warcraft: Ancient Forces

    An epic ORPG based on World of Warcraft. Four years have passed since the Third War. The Night Elf Sentinels have joined the Alliance of Men and Dwarves. The Forsaken undead in Lordaeron have allied with the Horde. Though it is a time of peace, ancient evil forces have raisen. The Fire Lord...
  12. RatzRatzzz

    [General] Ported Shandris?

    Hi everyone! Can anybody import model of Shandris Feathermoon with bow from WOW ? 😅 I tried to find ported model of her here, on hw, and on another resources but to my surprise, I couldn’t find a model! I’ll be very grateful if someone imports this model! :)
  13. KitsuneTailsPrower

    Trying to remember the name of some World of Warcraft equipment but I only have a picture

    Hello hive. I'm trying to figure out if WoW has equipment that looks like what's in this picture or approximates it. However I don't have a level 10 character in WoW so I can't just ask on the official forums.
  14. BurningLegionbuilding.png


    -first version of the Burning Legion buildings that I will use for my next map -The skin belongs to Ether with minor modifications of mine. please leave your comment or suggestion....
  15. Mahdi Dehghan

    A way to light V 0.11c

    Hello guys Im Mahdi Years ago I made a map and I did not have time to update it, but I am just updating it and I ask you to tell me your opinion about this map. Thanks Autosave system Equipment attachment Blacksmithing Class selection Fog system Fully created and imported models Beautiful terrain
  16. Thrall Concept Sketch

    Thrall Concept Sketch

    Concept Sketch of Thrall's or mostly his armour to create a definitive look for him that merges the best from various designs while trying to stick Somewhat Close to Wc3 overall shapes and design of it(mostly the shoulder pads being wider and tapered)
  17. Grinnersh

    [HD/Modeling] A model of an uncorrupted Akama for Warcraft 3: Reforged?

    Greetings, I have been planning a Warcraft 3: Reforged map project and have been going through some posts and honestly, I was wondering if someone could make a model of an uncorrupted Akama. Yes please? I request it without ill intention, only good will :) PS: If you wish, you can suggest more...
  18. JaydenV25

    WoW: Arathi Basin Gameplay video

    World of Warcraft: Arathi Basin Reforged - Fan Edit by JaydenV Gameplay video This game is a test of my new movement mechanics that I plan on implementing into an RPG. I have mixed aspects of games like ESO and Swords and Sandals, and I think people will like my spin on the WoW classes. It has...
  19. Maldiran

    Rip models from WoW into Warcraft 3

    1.Introduction Hey guys! Since the release of the WC3 Reforged many people were asking, if it is possible to rip for example character models and make them work in Warcraft 3. The answer is: yes! Some time ago, there was forum named Warcraft Underground, where such models were posted, but now it...
  20. Dispatcher

    Problematic WoW Dragon Animation. In Need Of Your Assistance!

    Hello guys Dispatcher here, Can anyone pls help me make animations for these WoW Dragons. I have compressed my problematic WoW Dragons in a .rar zip file inside is a total of eight dragons, each of them having different animation problems. I will be making this thread more DETAILED so ya'll...
  21. MasterW

    Good Warcraft III Custom Campaigns to play before Classic WoW (and TBC)

    Hello there. This is my first post so please be gentle lol. So I planned on playing WoW Classic but before doing it I decided to play through the entirety of ROC and TFT to catch up to where it ended before the game originally came out. And I did just that, but now I'd like to know if there's...
  22. Seedro

    [Role Playing Game] Plains of Warcraft

    Open world RPG with 29 heroes based loosely on old school Blizzard characters/classes Evolving units and many customized items with unique and useful combinations Features a spell damage system where your max mana is converted into a small amount of AoE damage and/or AoE healing for all major...
  23. Voljin

    Make Blink spell that respects caster's pathing

    Hello Hive, I am trying to make a custom form of Blink that works similar to the Blink in WOW. The major difference between the WOW blink and the wc3 blink is that the WOW blink respects unit boundaries. For example, in wc3 you can teleport to the top of a small hill with a +1 to cliff...
  24. 10. Highmountain Tribes - 1

    10. Highmountain Tribes - 1

  25. 10. Highmountain Tribes - 2

    10. Highmountain Tribes - 2

  26. 10. Highmountain Tribes - 3

    10. Highmountain Tribes - 3

  27. 10. Highmountain Tribes - 4

    10. Highmountain Tribes - 4

  28. 10. Highmountain Tribes - 5

    10. Highmountain Tribes - 5

  29. 10. Army of the Light - 1

    10. Army of the Light - 1

  30. 10. Army of the Light - 2

    10. Army of the Light - 2

  31. 10. Army of the Light - 3

    10. Army of the Light - 3

  32. 10. Army of the Light - 4

    10. Army of the Light - 4

  33. 10. Army of the Light - 5

    10. Army of the Light - 5

  34. Napoqe

    Heart of Iron 4 has a mod of the Warcraft universe.

    I'm here to divulge and discuss about the game Heart of Iron 4 and this mod from the Warcraft universe. For those who do not know what game this is? Search on Youtube about, or on the own page of store of the game. I played the game a lot without mod, and I liked it, I bought some dlcs, not...
  35. 01. Nation of Durotar - 1

    01. Nation of Durotar - 1

  36. 01. Nation of Durotar - 2

    01. Nation of Durotar - 2

  37. 01. Nation of Durotar - 3

    01. Nation of Durotar - 3

  38. 01. Nation of Durotar - 4

    01. Nation of Durotar - 4

  39. 01. Nation of Durotar - 5

    01. Nation of Durotar - 5

  40. 02. The Forsaken - 1

    02. The Forsaken - 1

  41. 02. The Forsaken - 2

    02. The Forsaken - 2

  42. 02. The Forsaken - 3

    02. The Forsaken - 3

  43. 02. The Forsaken - 4

    02. The Forsaken - 4

  44. 02. The Forsaken - 5

    02. The Forsaken - 5

  45. 03. Tauren Tribes - 1

    03. Tauren Tribes - 1

  46. 03. Tauren Tribes - 2

    03. Tauren Tribes - 2

  47. 03. Tauren Tribes - 3

    03. Tauren Tribes - 3

  48. 03. Tauren Tribes - 4

    03. Tauren Tribes - 4

  49. 03. Tauren Tribes - 5

    03. Tauren Tribes - 5

  50. 04. Darkspear Tribe - 1

    04. Darkspear Tribe - 1