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  1. TheFireMage

    [Trigger] Detected but No Cast

    Hello everyone, I made a trigger that creates a unit whenever a specific tower strikes a unit, it will create 3 thunder clap in 3 random areas where the dummy will spawn, cast Channel-based thunder clap to triggers another trigger. The second trigger creates another dummy that stuns the enemy...
  2. Ashes3030

    Extended World Editor Startup Issue

    Issue: Sharpcraft WEX installed, with the following dependencies: .NET 4.6.1 Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2012 Update 4 (x86) Program is run using Admin permission. On startup, no additional features are loaded in, just a generic World Editor on startup. Troubleshooting: I...
  3. TheFireMage

    [Trigger] Start Location Error

    Hello everyone, I have a trigger creating custom start units for players but, every unit spawns in the map initialization all was created at Player 1 start Location? I'm currently using patch 1.29 with WEX. I appreciate all helps. PEASANT Events Map initialization Conditions...
  4. Arc-

    Quick Question: Does WEX work with older versions like 1.21?

    Or I am left to/it is better to use JNGP?
  5. Ricola3D

    What are the world editor extensions working with Patch 1.31.x ?

    Hello, I am used to develop in GUI/Jass through the basic WE. But I would like to use frameworks coded in vJass, and thus start using world editor extensions. However I am a bit lost between the tools I found here (many JNGP versions, JassCraft) and some others (SharpCraft...). Some versions...
  6. RayzerCalitri

    [Import] vJASS: Unit Dissipate Issue

    So I found a thread about making a unit get a dissipate effect with the Banish ability as the dummy spell, I downloaded a map (made by Maker) and for some reason, the vJASS trigger can't be enabled and I can't test it out nor save it while I try to get it enabled. It comes up with a compile...
  7. Nowow

    WEX does not start up

    This problem started when I updated to the latest patch ( since the update, clicking on WEX does not open start the world editor, but opening the task manager shows that there is a background process of world editor running, so I let it run for about 20-30 minutes and still nothing...
  8. Azureusl

    Time Abyss WC3 l4p

    Time Abyss wc3 OVERVIEW Time Abyss is a NewGen game design project initiative, formerly represented and developed by Noxrat Gaming studio, which no longer exists if you want to go and google it. Time Abyss was planned to be heavy PvE with NextGen genre, which had long been around never really...
  9. BeerOnTheBeach

    [JASS] globals block syntax error

    Hiho, I get syntax errors on these lines of simple globals declaration: I know in vanilla editor there can only be one globals block, but I'm using WEX and I thought it somehow merges it to the precompiler. Is there a way I don't have to use the variables-editor from WE? Maybe disabling the...
  10. CampScouter

    [IMPORTANT] Bitdefender detecting Sharpcraft as Ransomware, infected file and PUP

    So, yesterday I've updated and renewed my license in Bitdefender 2016 to Bitdefender 2017. As I run the Sharpcraft, Bitdefender showed me 6 critical notifications notifying me that is a Ransomware. Because it wanted to change in Debug.txt, which is not a work of a real Ransomware Could you...