1. CGCyan

    [SD/Texturing] Icon of Ujimasa Hojo Death Knight (WC2)

    Can anyone make an Icon of this model.🙏PLS
  2. Maim Blackhand.png

    Maim Blackhand.png

    Maim Blackhand
  3. ORC_Wall_Base_Furnace_AI


    screenshot from my map 'First War Memorium'. Showcasts the wallhub system. Orc AI has built somewhat strange walls here.
  4. Linaze

    [Altered Melee] Scars of Conflict

    After the better part of a decade, the previously hosted project Scars of Conflict (SoC) makes a comeback. Sort of. Scars of Conflict is an old project dating back over ten years. Over the course of this long history it has taken numerous different forms, including an ambitious campaign...
  5. Kargath Bladefist

    Kargath Bladefist

    Warlord of Shattered Hand clan. Avalable here : https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/kargath-bladefist.325625/ The banner was made by Tamplier777 : https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/orc-clan-banners-reforged.325214/
  6. jj84

    Wc2 Sounds (Solved)

    Hi guys..... Someone can find and share the sound of the pig farm in warcraft 2.
  7. SgtWinter

    WC2 Temple of the Damned Edit Request

    Hiya, Winter here! I'm just here to request someone to edit this model. WCIITempleOfDamned What I want is for somebody to replace the red demonic base foundation thing under it with the standard WC3 Orc one. Should be simple enough, though I'm not really good at model editing so I wouldn't...
  8. SgtWinter

    Orc & Human Subfaction Ideas?

    So I found my abandoned 4 years old map based on the idea of combining aspects of Warcraft 1, 2 and 3 into an ultimate hybrid with some of my own neat concepts such as Captureable Structures, Dynamic Naval Combat, and Bleeding in a WC2-esque themed era. It had the idea of adding sub-factions...
  9. Lurker99

    Wc2 Melee Hero units?

    Hello Hive, I am starting to work on a melee map that will take place during WC2, it will feature the various human nations and orc factions. I want the factions to be able to be used by custom AI which I will build. I'm am looking for ideas on several things that I am undecided on or cannot...