1. WC1 Orc Catapult

    WC1 Orc Catapult

    Should I upload this? It's a simple edit of RoC catapult.
  2. ORC_Wall_Base_Furnace_AI


    screenshot from my map 'First War Memorium'. Showcasts the wallhub system. Orc AI has built somewhat strange walls here.
  3. loktar

    Spearman (WC1) Icon

    I need an icon for the Spearman (WC1). Usually I edit a Blizz icon, but there aren't really any that are suitable. It needs to fit the WC3 style in general, and the icons in [Altered Melee] - WC3: Orcs & Humans specifically. Would be nice if it resembles the original WC1 icon a bit, but it's...
  4. Melee_Units_Races_Size_Comparison_WarCraft_First_War_Memorium


    Melee units of the 7 races in 'First War Memorium', sorted by size. Ogres and Demons train single big units, all other races train squads of 6.
  5. When_Ogres_Cook_Warcraft_First_War_Memorium_Warhammer_Butcher


    Model for Ogre Cooking Pot. Base model is 'FirePitCauldron20' ('Cauldron over the Fire') by MiniMage. Replaced the pot with the pot from Dionesiist's 'OgreBtucher'. Added birth animation of Healing Totem and death anim of Medivh's Spellbook (using MatrixEater). Made for 'First War Memorium' addon.
  6. loktar

    [Altered Melee] WC3: Orcs & Humans

    WC1 in WC3 style Less symmetric tech tree, stats similar to WC3 Two heroes per race Some other changes from WC1 When the map is ready for release, I will probably also make a purist version with the purist versions of the buildings, and tech trees closer to the original (e.g. no heroes...
  7. SgtWinter

    Orc & Human Subfaction Ideas?

    So I found my abandoned 4 years old map based on the idea of combining aspects of Warcraft 1, 2 and 3 into an ultimate hybrid with some of my own neat concepts such as Captureable Structures, Dynamic Naval Combat, and Bleeding in a WC2-esque themed era. It had the idea of adding sub-factions...
  8. Tigrick

    Model Edit: Dionesiist's Demon Arch-Duke without helmet

    Hello all, I really like Dionesiist's Demon Arch-Duke. It kind of transports the dark vibe that daemons in Warcraft 1 and Warcraft 2 had. (This is why I'd like to use it as mainline unit for my demon faction, which would be equivalent in strength and price to a 6-man squad of other races.)...
  9. SgtWinter

    [Altered Melee] Age of Chaos - WC1 Remake Project (WiP)

    Warcraft: Age of Chaos is a remake of Warcraft I: Orcs & Humans in The Frozen Throne engine. The aim is to recreate the entirety of the first war, allowing you to relive the devastating battle and defend or conquer Azeroth. This will recreate Warcraft I's entire core gameplay with the only...