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  1. KromaticLost

    First time terrain-ing!

    A couple of terrain pic i took while working on my map! I just love the snowy vibes the game have and couldn't help but to try and make some of myself, which i dare say turns out pretty well even after i took a break from messing around with Warcraft's map making. The first one was the draft i...
  2. Sanglier Furieux

    Reforged naga race project

    Hi, as you read in the title I had the idea to create the naga race in HD. So far I have created a complete document listing new units, new buildings, new spells and adjustments to existing units. However I have no skills in creating models or icons. I would like to know if any of you would be...
  3. KromaticLost

    Wintercrest - A Warcraft Short

    Something to get my mind cleaned for now, story about the bonus map i worked along with the main map project. Enjoy! Long before the The Spider War took place, the Nerubian forged and crafted a hidden temple in the depth of Icecrown to gave prayers and wishes to the Old Gods for those who...
  4. KromaticLost

    Fractured Reality - Art Board

    Alright, so this will be a place for me to post up some of the artwork following my current stoyline, but so far i only have a few pieces, but don't worry! This board will be updated once i got the chance to work on the characters concept. Kal'arakthu (Brirgomuth) Shavirath Stormfeather To be...
  5. KromaticLost

    Fractured Reality - Warcraft 3

    So, i've been experimenting around with Warcraft editors to make some interesting story like a messed version of Marvel's "What If...?" and here's the result so far! There's a four piece of map and a showcase one i've been working on, hopefully i can get to share it with everyone around! By the...
  6. Slinger124

    Seeking Map Designer

    Hello I am Slinger! I am starting to work on a mod idea I have had for a while now and am looking for someone to help or design the map. If anyone's interested feel free to reply here and Ill reply as soon as I check or message me for my discord.
  7. Yumi

    Looking for a site to replace Garena warcraft 3 lan games?

    Hello,Recently in 2020 garena decided to stop the Lan function,unfortunately i still want to play some W3 custom games,Do you all have any site that can replace the gapping hole that have emerge for me :D p/s:im in south east asia,
  8. twojstaryjakcie

    Melee Mapping Contest... Melee Contest???

    I mean, the melee mapping contest has just finished (congratulations to everyone for their effort put in the contest, ofc), but the maps themselves are just kind of floating around now. I think we could put them to good use by creating a Melee Tournament that would use the maps that got the...