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    DarkLegacy:Warchasers - Dungeon Keeper.
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    DarkLegacy:Warchasers - demonic assault.
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    DarkLegacy:Warchasers in game.
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    DarkLegacy:Warchasers - dungeon to last boss.
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    DarkLegacy:Warchasers first city.
  6. Gojiras

    [Trigger] Request - Check triggers for leaks?

    Hey ya'll. I've recently been updating a semi-popular version of Warchasers called WarchasersNightmarev27. This particular version is notorious for crashing 1-3 hours into the game (sometimes individual player crashes, sometimes game wide) and I'm assuming it's caused by memory leaks in the...
  7. Raen7

    [Role Playing Game] Warchasers Revamped

    Folks, my first renewed interest in WC3 mapping since the old days. I took Bribe's 'remastered' Warchasers and tweaked it a bit more to my liking. I wanted to keep the spirit and idea of the original, and just build on it a little more, and fix some minor annoyances along the way. I tried...
  8. aypheros

    [Escape / Maze] an idea i want help

    English Hello, we are trying to create a map style warchasers the idea and we have prepared the map the detonators etc etc, the only problem we have is that we did not manage to make a spawn creep like the warchasers. Someone can help us Sorry for the bad english Sphanish hola, estamos...
  9. Khagda

    Could someone help an OSX user out in retrieving some game resources?

    Hello there I used to be a prolific mapmaker on this site back when I had my old OSX, but I had to update it recently and can no longer run World Editor. :( For my brother's birthday I planned on recreating Warchasers in a different game engine using as many of the original assets possible...