1. Plagued Village 2 Wall

    Plagued Village 2 Wall

  2. Plagued Village

    Plagued Village

  3. ElderWarden

    [HD/Modeling] Need Fel and Hell doodad [Reforged]

    Hello there! I don't know how to create reforged models so I ask here. Someone could create any fel doodad or hell doodad in reforged. Like Walls for demons with crackles, in the right color theme, with spike. Some statue, props and lava fall. (Why not a lava reforged aswell) To create a...
  4. HerlySQR

    [Solved] Force wall not resurrecting

    Does the force walls desapear when I kill it? Because they not apear when I resurrect it with triggers, so what?, is it my unique option remove it and create one again? (That thing will become pointless the option of resurrect it).
  5. Uncle

    Corner of a Wall

    Hello, I think I have an easy one for you guys. I'd like to request a model of just the corner of a Horizontal/Vertical Stone Wall. Picture below for example. I'd like this done for the Sunken Ruin's version like in the picture. Sorry if this has already been requested/uploaded, I looked...
  6. Uncle

    Issues with projectile not bouncing off of walls properly in GUI

    EDIT 2: Alright, so this system is tailored to my very specific needs and designed around my map. There's a good chance that this long wall of text won't be helpful to you, but maybe you can pull something out of it. Here's how I'm detecting Wall Bounces for Horizontal and Vertical facing walls...
  7. Majid_Ne

    Horizontal And Vertical Walls

    Hi. I'm working on a invasion defending map. In this map I need to make workers build walls to stop invasion. I use this model of wall and gate. I love these models , and it looks good with other models I use. But I have two problem. First , I can't import horizontal wall. So I need to at...
  8. SNIper of DARKness

    Wall Model Edit

    Hi there, again, I'm currently having trouble with some of Mike's Arabic building models. This Walls model ends a little short, and is not consistent with the other Walls model I'm using. Smaller pathing wouldn't work for in this situation due to multiple variables. Pictures from the map...
  9. firstblood1510

    Bush Wall

    Can somebody tell me where can I find a Bush Wall (a bush made into a wall :grin: like those bushes you may see on a garden maze). I tried searching, but I can't find any.
  10. hardcure

    Building(Unit) Rotation

    I've downloaded a Fence and i make it a model to my Wall.....When i build it it only Make a horizontal line... What should i do? make another one and how to make it ha vertical one?
  11. Dalaran Entrance

    Dalaran Entrance

    Developing Dalaran-themed Fortifications
  12. UmbraUnda

    Walkable Wall vJASS Trigger Transfer

    Hello, I'm trying to transfer the vJASS triggers for rotatable structures and walkable walls from @MassiveMaster 's Castle Defense map to my medieval map however I'm having no luck due to my lack of vJASS knowledge and general coding/triggering inexperience. I need advice on what exactly I...
  13. TheAyalalalalon

    [Solved] Wall Spell

    Hello I was trying to build a wall with some spells but i am unable to correctly create the trigger that leaves me to do what i am trying. The spells are these 1 A simple summon spell with no error that creates a Red Unit (Max 3 units, creating a new one would remove the first) 2 Another...
  14. BETA

    [Solved] Crystal Wall Ability Help

    Well, I've been searching tutorials in the internet on how to create walls on a horizontal line, but none of what I found helped me. Anyway here is my trigger. Crystal Wall Spell Events Unit - A unit starts the effect of an ability Conditions (Ability being cast) equal to Crystal Wall...