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  1. w1919

    WC3MapTranslator for Windows

    Can anybody compile WC3MapTranslator exe for Windows ? Or how to install it in the Windows? (what is npm install wc3maptranslator) WC3MapTranslator is a "json(txt) <-> w3x" converter links: 4.0.1 GitHub - ChiefOfGxBxL/WC3MapTranslator: Translate war3map ⇄ json formats for WarCraft III .w3x maps...
  2. N00b-Morti

    Adding a new Tag for non-w3n Campaigns, post-Regorged

    Since, for my enormous sadness, custom campaign can't be played anymore unless you own a prereforged version of the game, I'd suggest to add a new tag for the projects that consists of more maps/level, a story progression, but are made up by separated w3x maps, like the Co-Op Campaign from...
  3. BogdanW3

    Extracting game files (MPQ and CASC)

    How to extract game files Introduction Extracting game files is not something everyone will need, but those who would can need them for many things: you may need to get some data from the game SLKs, get a function's definition from the blizzard's code files, get a file to modify and use in...
  4. Firstrun70

    List of official maps for Warcraft 3

    List of official Blizzard maps released at various time for Warcraft 3 w3m - custom map for Warcraft 3 ROC/TFT, custom map, stored in \Warcraft 3\Maps\ or in the %USERPROFILE%\Documents\Warcraft III\Maps\ w3x - custom map for Warcraft 3 TFT, stored in \Warcraft 3\Maps\ or in the...
  5. Firstrun70

    pw3i Batcher 1.0 - w3x parser

    Author of pw3i.exe v1.02: Hodor xgm Author of pw3i Batcher 1.0: Firstrun70 pw3i Batcher - Batch metadata parser from w3x w3m (from war3map.w3i war3map.wts) v1.0 [12.25.2019] Requires pw3i.exe v1.02 Parses all the information of the map automatically, for example, Author, Title, Description...
  6. Firstrun70

    WinMPQ Batcher 1.0 - w3x unpacker

    Batch unpack w3x w3m w3n mpq Author of WinMPQ v1.64: ShadowFlare Author of WinMPQ Batcher 1.0: Firstrun70 Variation 1: Distributed as a bat file. Attached to this thread. WinMPQ Batcher - Batch resource unpacker from w3x w3m w3n mpq v1.0 [12.25.2019] WinMPQ v1.64 + VB40032.DLL + WinMPQ Batcher...
  7. Firstrun70

    Parsing metadata from w3m w3x w3n

    General information about parsing metadata from w3m w3x w3n The author of the article: Firstrun70 mpq - They are like .rar and .zip files. Can be opened with different programs (Ladik's MPQ Editor, WinMPQ) w3m - this is mpq file, RoC Map. They are playable in RoC and in TFT. w3x - this is mpq...