1. Retera

    Hive Viewer fun possibility for enhancement

    The previewer inside Retera Model Studio is based on the Hive Viewer but has some enhancement to try to preview metals and stuff in PBR, and I changed the interpretation of the normal map to be more accurately reflecting how I think the game is supposed to be. After putting time into tinkering...
  2. BrothForMyPeople

    WoW model viewer V0.5.09

    Does someone have this version? I need it for WotLK Alpha.
  3. BrothForMyPeople

    Arthas with Sword texture skin

    Where can I find it in casc view? I've found only 'Arthas' and 'Arthas1' files in 'textures' folder. The first one is Arthas with hammer, the second one is probably skin for 'Arthas with guitar' doodad.
  4. loktar

    Ingame Importless Model Viewer (map)

    Edit: A new version with more features can be found here. I modified Gekigengar's Epic Animation Viewer so it can load models without importing them to the map, or even opening the World Editor at all, by loading them as Effects. I also removed the "grid" and replaced it with a simple black...
  5. Loki18

    Hive's Model Viewer won't load

    why model viewer (even the BETA one) wont load a thing? ive waited for 10 minutes still nothing so i doubt its my internet connection. any ideas??
  6. FeruEnzeruJKun

    Weird Problems with the WoWHead 3D Model Viewer (DO NOT DELETE/REMOVE)

    Suddenly several weeks ago when i was on WoWHead (Also viewing Yrel), it starts not showing a Draenei race model of her including the other Draenei official charas and fan charas. I tired dressing room, and it does not show male or female Draenei. Other race models that are not Draenei are...