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  1. Benpai

    [Solved] Global variables in Jass

    I have the Spell from Carnerox and want to add global variables, but I don't have that much experience with Jass. I want to write the healed value in global variables but I have no idea how. Can anyone help me? It is about the following variables: set udg_MB_Healed[0] = (...
  2. Voltron212

    Creating a Randomized TD Wave-Set System

    Hello! I am creating a TD with a few complex ideas I'm trying to implement... but have next to no idea how. I am reasonably new to using the Editor, but am trying to my best to learn while making my dream TD. I want to make it so there are multiple Wave Sets of units which get rolled after each...
  3. Voltron212

    [Solved] Destructible within region not registering after creation

    Hello! I am reasonably new to the map editor, however have been learning quickly on how everything works. I currently have a problem where after a destructible within a region has been removed and a new one created; a trigger - 'Destructible - Destructible within region (Playable map area)...
  4. HerlySQR

    How necessary is "null" the variables?

    I heard you should "null" the variables when you don't need it anymore, but I saw people sometimes didn't do this when they recommend triggers, so when is necessary do this?
  5. ravellani

    [Miscellanous / Other] Player Indexing

    I just had an idea that I wanted opinions on. Unit indexing is when each unit is given a custom value, but I had this player indexing idea for RPGs or maps where you control one hero/unit. Basically you create variables that have the same number of arrays as players in the the game and you save...
  6. Cheshire

    [Trigger] Clashing triggers

    Hey all, I accidentally found a clash between two triggers in my map that should not be happening. each of these triggers should be instantaneous, but for some reason they seem to be overwriting the variables that I used for both. the first one is the initialization trigger of a spell, that is...
  7. Pikachu

    Noob To Variables - Need Help

    Trying to work on a trigger involving variables which is my weakness, along with custom scripts. Trying to make an item have a random chance of spawning in a choice of 4 different regions. Example: 30 seconds passes, the item spawns in one of those four regions, not knowing which region it will...
  8. bruunk

    [Solved] A way to randomize variables in a checklist format?

    Hi, I've recently gotten myself into a very complicated thing. What I'm looking to do is have, for instance, 15 different variables that all have unique info stored in them and randomly give 1 of the 15 variables to a player. However, the tricky part (for me at least) is that I do not want an...
  9. Cushq

    Arena Duel Trigger

    I'm trying to set up a dueling trigger for my arena map where at say 15-30 minutes intervals there will be a duel with all the current heroes on each team that are on map get sent to a region and after there is one team left will then move the units back to their respective spawn zones. Doesn't...
  10. InSaNe_97

    [General] Memory leaks.

    Greetings. I made trigger and want it without memory leak if possible. I want to use same variables in multiple triggers. Also I want to make this works multiple times at once when needed. Events Unit - A unit Finishes casting an ability Conditions (Ability being cast) Equal to Transition...
  11. dfxiispro

    Changing a Variable value through part of a Text input

    Hi, I wonder if its possible, through JASS (which I know very little off) or the standard GUI to amend a variable value through a part of a text input by a player? For example a player enters -Damage 5 The int variable gets set to 5 and then damage will be done according to the value of the...
  12. InSaNe_97

    [General] Spawn unit goes into random region.

    Greetings! I have two little, easy-to-solve, problem and I'm asking asking for help. I'm pretty sure that pure title explained it. I make trigger that unit spawn in region "1", and then second trigger when that same unit enters in that region attack-move to another but unit spawn and don't going...
  13. SoulStealer

    Trigger-Turn On | Not Working | Please Help

    Hey all,I am working on a massive project.I need some help. In campaigns,We have scenes,right?Well,We also have Quests in Campaigns.So I created some quests and also made a "Main Quest Discovered" thingy.It showed up right at the time I was watching the scenes.(While testing.) So,I tried this...
  14. Reaper51

    [Trigger] Multiple GUI Damage Engine Instances Override Variables

    I'm using this GUI DDS for multiple instances to deal extra or reduced damage with various units. Problem is when the DDS event fires for both units who have some sort of DDS actions involved it leads to some screwy stuff like Temp Points being messed up. Overriding variables are the culprit I'm...
  15. Adorm

    [Solved] What is wrong with the way this Trigger is set up?

    Hey Guys, Having an issue with a particular event Trigger, new to using Player Groups so I'm not sure If I'm setting these functions up wrong, must be because it won't work. What could be the problem here? It won't display any text when a unit enters the region. Summon Diety Events...
  16. BETA

    [Solved] Difference between non-array variables and array variables.

    As the title implies, what's the difference between a variable without an array and a variable with an array? Without arrays: Without Arrays Events Conditions Actions Set CasterLoc = (Position of Triggering unit) Set TargetLoc = (Target point of ability being cast) With arrays...