1. WC3SC1 Alliance 01 Briefing

    WC3SC1 Alliance 01 Briefing

    In case you didn't get it Uther (Edmund Duke) is Evil.
  2. Possessed Uther

    Possessed Uther

    So I spent half a day clipping voice files of Uther, seemingly hoping to somehow feed an AI app... didn't work. I did the next logical thing and stitched some Uther clips from war3, wow, and hots with Duke, resulting in this absurd, silly scene.
  3. Testing out a new unit for the Rebel Purge campaign

    Testing out a new unit for the Rebel Purge campaign

    Uther the Lightbringer onboard the Lothar II (supposed to represent Edmund Duke and the Norad II). He's a bit overpowered atm. Anybody got a Uther AI voice model I can use? :D
  4. SevLlanto

    The Culling of Stratholme / Before and After

    Without a doubt, this is one of the most emblematic and remembered missions in the game. A point of no return that marks not only the life of our protagonist, but of everyone around him. I tried to recreate the reforged wallpaper of these scenes before and after, with a bit of creative freedom...
  5. Bangsgaard

    [HD/Modeling] Paladin rifleman hybrid model

    Hey all I am working on a custom tech-tree race for reforged, which is themed around Uther. I want his gameplay to be highly inspiried by the classic paladin rifleman composition from melee play, and i figured that Uther would need his own custom rifleman with paladin-like traits. The unit is...
  6. W

    personal thoughts on Shadowlands: Bastion

    the path should be broadening the heart instead of the vengeance, guess this angel-like being asking for Uther to revenge after is not even an angel-like being herself. when Uther said "for justice" instead of for the vengeance he should free Arthas since the justice path is not to take people's...
  7. sagi5533

    [Campaign] Arthas Campaign - Orcs (Prologue)

    Hey guys, it has been more then 1 year since I've uploaded the Undead campaign and it takes me some time to work on the Orcs campaign.(work, study and other stuffs ) Just to let you know that I didn't forget you I've uploaded a video with the Prologue of the campaign so you guys could watch it...