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  1. lanchengkai

    How to make a ability button?

    i want make a ability button with FDF, custom UI like WOW(single hero) but i donno how to control CD mask layer can anyone teach me? thanks verymuch :psmile::psmile::psmile: version 1.27
  2. Tasyen

    [JASS/AI] The Big UI-Frame Tutorial

    Table of Content Introduction Position on Screen & Frames (code driven) Set Pos Natives Relative Position 4:3 Limitation Access Frames Access Frames By Name Change Text in Resource Lumber Unit Info Panel Access Frames by Child Table Origin-Frames Hide Default UI Move Default UI Simple UI...
  3. Tasyen

    UI: Save&Load Frames

    Introduction Currently none of the versions of warcraft 3 that have access to the UI-Frame natives do probably Save&Load the usage of Frames/TOC (this was written when 1.32.8 /1.32.9 PTR were the current Versions). This broken Save&Load stops Frames from being recreaterd/modified when the Game...
  4. OverClocked

    Custom UI Icon Desync

    So i have this function and this trigger: and the idea is when the spell is cast to give the hero 1500 hp and show the player an icon at the bottom left with the description showing when you hover over it. And it works. But when i tested with players we all desynced. Does anyone know...
  5. Tasyen

    UI - Simpleframes

    Table of Contents Introduction String Texture Layer SimpleButton Requirements If you don't know how to use a custom toc-File, therefore can't use a custom fdf you should first do a tutorial about toc: UI: toc-Files. point_StartIntroduction SimpleFrames are another group of frames. They are low...
  6. Tasyen

    UI - The concept of Parent-Frames

    Introduction Frame - Parent is a powerful and useful concept of warcraft 3's UI-Frame System. Every frame we can create has a parent frame. Any frame can have any amount of child frames. In the same time any child frame also can have any amount of child frames. natives provided to get and set...
  7. Tasyen

    UI: TEXTAREA the scrolling Text Frame

    Introduction TEXTAREA is a frame to display scrollable text. Normaly TextAreas have a BACKDROP showing a box and a Background. TextAreas require a scrollbar. The scrollbar is at the right side of the TextArea and blocks a part of the space given to the TextArea. If the TextArea is big enough to...
  8. Tasyen


    Button Buttons are powerful and useful UI-Frames. A Button in Warcraft 3 is only a space on the screen that can be pressed. The pressing can send an audio Feedback (GLUE created with BlzCreateFrame) and one can catch the pressing with a TriggerEvent which allows executing Code. But if the button...
  9. Tasyen

    UI: FrameEvents and FrameTypes

    This is the result of tests about Frame-Events and Frame-Levels. FrameEvents FRAMEEVENT_CONTROL_CLICK - when activading a Frame either by releasing the left mouse button (the original mouse click has to be inside the Button) or when a Frame has Focus and space or enter/return are pressed. This...
  10. Tasyen

    UI: List - Default MainFrames

    This are lists of mainframes found in the Default Warcraft 3 fdfs, Seperated by FrameType. Mainframes are Frames having their framehead outside of any framebody. Only such loaded mainframes can be created/inherited functional with the Frame natives...
  11. Tasyen

    UI: Frames and Tooltips

    ToolTips In the warcraft 3's UI-framework, Tooltips are also frames. With that they can be more complex have child-Frames and be from various frametypes. Therefore they can display alot of different things. Most Frames can have a Tooltip, but it has to be from the same Group: frame<->frame...
  12. Tasyen

    UI: Showing 3 Multiboards

    The Frame natives are quite powerful and allow us to show more than 1 working multiboard at the same time. There are some stuff one needs to know to do that. First one has to know that after a multiboard is shown the first time, its framehandle can be accessed with...
  13. Tasyen

    UI: Creating a Bar

    What is a SIMPLESTATUSBAR A SIMPLESTATUSBAR is a simple frame that shows a blp texture partly (from left to right) based on the SIMPLESTATUSBAR current value vs its max value. The blp Texture is stretched to the total frames size. On default the value can be from 0 to 100 (0 beeing empty, 100...
  14. Tasyen

    UI: EditBox - Text Input

    Introduction Editboxes are single line text frames beeing editable by players. There are 4 predefined mainframe Editboxes in the default fdfs, but 2 of them are basicly "equal" to some other one. BattleNetEditBoxTemplate (same values as "StandardEditBoxTemplate") StandardEditBoxTemplate...
  15. Tasyen

    UI: OriginFrames

    Jump to Hiding Jump to ChildFrames Originframetypes are built in frames managing the default game ui. ORIGIN_FRAME_GAME_UI is our key to generate new container frames. In other tutorials and in many examples, ORIGIN_FRAME_GAME_UI is used as parent for custom created frames. That is done because...
  16. Tasyen

    UI: What are BACKDROPs?

    Introduction Backdrops mange the visual textures of frames, they are borders, backgrounds or images (for non simple frames). Most frames beeing more than simple text have backdrops that manage the textures beeing shown. BACKDROP can use all the ImageTypes Warcraft 3 supports: BLP, TGA, DDS. DDS...
  17. Tasyen

    UI: Creating a Cam control

    Introduction In this tutorial, I wanna show you, Sliders, Checkboxes and attaching Labels to the Sliders and the Checkbox. The sliders are used to control the fields of the cam. The checkbox will lock the current settings, preventing changes to the sliders as long it is checked. And the Labels...
  18. Tasyen

    UI: Create a TextButton

    Introduction Warcraft 3 V1.31 provided 3 natives to create Frames. native BlzCreateFrame takes string name, framehandle owner, integer priority, integer createContext returns framehandle native BlzCreateSimpleFrame takes string name, framehandle owner, integer createContext returns framehandle...
  19. Tasyen

    UI: Positionate Frames

    Introduction Frames positions are important and are the key to place frames where one wants them to be. To positionate frames there exist 4 natives. All 4 have great uses. native BlzFrameSetPoint takes framehandle frame, framepointtype point, framehandle relative, framepointtype relativePoint...
  20. Tasyen

    UI: toc-Files

    Introduction A TOC file is a file listing one or more fdf (frame definition files). Each line is a path to one fdf. Each fdf is an own file. In Warcraft 3 this TOC-Files are used to load the fdfs beeing listed. After a fdf was loaded into the game using a TOC lisiting it, main-Frames defined in...
  21. Tasyen

    UI: Reading a FDF

    Introduction A fdf (Frame definition file) is an fileType used in warcraft 3 to define information and default behaviour of an UI-Frame. In this tutorial I want to tell you how to get frames by reading a fdf. FrameTypes From the FrameType one can say much about what this frame will do in most...
  22. Tasyen

    Default Names for BlzGetFrameByName

    Introduction This list was generated by reading/interpreting all fdf files from warcraft 3 ptr 1.31 and reading all words in "". LeaderBoard/Multiboard/TimerDialog do only work when the map created such ones. LogDialog is only used in SinglePlayer. Chat Frames are only used in Multiplayer. Quest...