1. Conjurus Rex

    [Defense / Survival] Tuskarr co-op RPG (name undecided)

    Current State - Alpha pre-release "Storms are brewing. Surrounding the northern lands of the Tuskarr tribes, an ancient enemy stirs in the deep. Fallen crews and crashed merchant ships litter the rocky shorelines. It would seem ancient magic has guided them to a watery demise. Now, undead...
  2. TuskarrBirth


    Customized Tuskarr birth animation, was created via trigger.
  3. TuskarrV2


    Tuskarr Race Tier-1
  4. TuskarrCrop


    Tuskarr Race Preview Thumbnail
  5. Retera


    The Northpact is one of the Heaven's Fall races, and a current work in progress. I created the models and assets for it, with the theme in mind of a band of Tuskarr and Northrend snow creatures working together for survival. There's more to it than that in the Heaven's Fall storyline, but that's...