1. Gojiras

    [Trigger] Request - Check triggers for leaks?

    Hey ya'll. I've recently been updating a semi-popular version of Warchasers called WarchasersNightmarev27. This particular version is notorious for crashing 1-3 hours into the game (sometimes individual player crashes, sometimes game wide) and I'm assuming it's caused by memory leaks in the...
  2. ZeroGravity

    Is this trigger causing my map to lag so hard?

    So my map has been lagging from time to time, probably due to a lot of enemies at once and this trigger moves the certain type of enemies. I suspect as this is the only periodic time trigger I have which moves a lot of unit at once, it may cause the massive lag but how do I fix it? Is this...
  3. Ruvven

    [Trigger] AI Works but then again doesn't ..

    Hey there, been a while .. So recently i picked up an idea and the map itself is no problem, but i have started getting into AI and trying to incorporate it with triggers cause the AI Editor will not work for my purpose. Well story aside this is the first of probably many triggers but i have...
  4. ZeroGravity

    A trigger that make everyone outside of region loses?

    Just like the topic, to make you see the big picture, a chopper will take that hero unit to safe zone which guarantee the owner a win while players outside who did not make it within time limit will get defeat screen. I think using hero unit as condition will be easier since there might be...
  5. ZeroGravity

    I can't use codeless save/load system

    I have tried enable local files with from this site: Local files with this method: An easier way to do this is to open the .reg file attached in a zip archive below this tutorial and accept all popups that get opened because of it. Still, this happens, Also the thing I want to save is just...
  6. ZeroGravity

    My map leaks and I don't know where.

    I have tried to search for it but no clue. It's like something is glitching every 2 or 3 seconds but I have tried turning off the suspected triggers which don't help at all. I don't think my triggers leak but it's like the framerate drop every 2 seconds or so, I wonder if anyone can help me...
  7. TheJassy

    Same ability, Different unit

    Hello, I've made a unit cast the "Doom" spell and it summons a Skeleton warriro. I'm looking for a way so if you cast the same spell on a Archer It'll turn into a skeleton with a bow. Hopefully that kind of explains it since It's kinda weird to explain. 😀
  8. ZeroGravity

    How to add percentage experience?

    Hi, like the title said, I want to add not flat number but +50% experience to the hero when picking up tome of experience but I can only use flat number only so yea, any idea? Thanks in advance.
  9. Dark-Zalor

    Item Button Clicked

    hello everyone, I use for any of my spells that event: call TriggerRegisterCommandEvent(T, SPELL_ID, SPELL_ORDER) and this works, when I clicke on the button my trigger runs. But is there an equivalent for item click button, because the event below does not trigger anything... Thanks you...
  10. Prostagma

    [Solved] Creating a loop spell

    Hello, I've been searching on how to create a loop spell in a specific way but I just can't find any tutorials on how to do it (or maybe I'm too dumb to understand). I'd like to create a volley spell (archer) that fires arrows from the heroes while he's channeling (because making arrow falls...
  11. Anton Wulff Jensen

    [General] Item that deals bonus damage to specific type of enemy

    Hi there. Another question for you map-fessors out there. I want to make an item which gives extra damage on basic attacks against a specific enemy type (Undead units). How does one create a spell or trigger to do this?
  12. Tburn1910

    [General] Duplicated AI Player Names In-Game

    hey guys, it's me again. so i recently figured out how to make AI players have random names for their selves, and i was over the moon when i learned something. but however, it has come to my attention when i tested this on a melee map (for fun lolz), I got 2 issues. Issue #1: Some of the AI...
  13. Ruvven

    [Trigger] Extreme Lag from ... what?? O.O

    Hello People of Hive, I once again require your assistance since i have something that works perfectly in one place but when i try to duplicate the effect in another place it causes extreme lag and freezes the game for several seconds Heres the trigger, can anyone help me figure out why this...
  14. Ruvven

    [Trigger] Playing with Multiboards

    Greetings people of the Hive Community! Once again i have found myself in need of your help, i am as many others making a map, where i would like a multiboard, or something that does the same atleast, to show "players" and 3 different currencies (currencies are based on variables so it should...
  15. Ruvven

    [Trigger] Alright, i did a thing, does it leak?

    Hello again Alright, as the title suggests, i did a thing and as a beginner trigger dude, i feel like this will leak if i just use it as it is, am i wrong? SpawnLevel1Mobs Events Conditions Actions Set VariableSet SelectedMobGroup = (Units of type No unit-type) If...
  16. Blahblah_Blagar

    [Trigger] Autocastable dispellable Poison

    Should be a very simple thing to do For quite a while I've been trying to figure out how to create an autocastable dispellable poison (a very simple debuff that drains life as long as it's active). I've been screwing around with the premade spells such as parasite and inner fire (with negative...
  17. Pagchomp

    [General] Giving units, of certain type, abilities.

    Hello, I would like to ask how can you add certain abilities to units of type, that means even those that aren't on the map (like units that are trained afterwards)
  18. Ruvven

    Leak fix location array?

    Hey there everyone, I have an array point that i will be spawning quite alot but i need it to be cleared aswell of course and the point itself is based on another unit variable where it selects the player number of triggering player? is there any way to do something like the one i listed...
  19. Ruvven

    Create "Wild Grass" like in pokemon with random encounters?

    Hello there everybody I posted my 2 "somewhat" working triggers down below. What i want to achieve is like the feeling of pokemon wild grass where you click and randomly move within this area and then at random "clicks!" or "intervals (while moving only)" to sometimes hit a "random encounter"...
  20. Droof

    [Solved] Detect Building/Structure Menu Click

    I'd like to implement a paging system for multiple structures in the building selection on a worker unit. I have two units, "Next page" and "Previous page" When the units are selected/clicked in the build menu, it should change the buildings available for the triggering player. ISSUE: The...
  21. StonemaulMidget

    How do you carry a Hero over to the next level?

    Hello Hive, this is StonemaulMidget, I am interested in experimenting with carrying heroes over to one chapter to the next. How do I proceed?
  22. HolyWillRise

    Shared gold between Player 1 and Player 2

    I have a Dungeon type map (2 players, red and blue) There you kill many many mobs and you get gold for each killed mob (random gold amount) What i want to do is, to share the gold between player 1 and player 2. Literally 50-50 for both, so they can have the same amount of gold. Because right...
  23. Danath Trollbane

    Trigger causing lag and crashes in some cases

    Hi everyone, I've tried to fix the trigger below over and over again but can't figure out why it is causing so much lag/crashes. Thank you in advance!
  24. Oppaikun

    [Solved] [1.31.1] Stacking Healing Spell

    Hey all, I've been trying to create a custom healing spell, but I'm not experienced enough to pull it off, so I'm hoping someone here can help me (I'm on 1.31). Here's a description of the spell: Amplifying Heal Heals target for 50 + ((HealAmpCharges) x 10/20/30/40/50) (increments are for each...
  25. Benpai

    Game crash

    Hi, when I cast this ability about 50 to 100 times the game crashes, can it be that when you save too many units in variables Warcraft is overloaded? How can I solve this problem? Alpha Strike Events Unit - A unit Starts the effect of an ability Conditions (Ability...
  26. Spacebuns

    Effortless and Efficient Unit Group functions for GUI Triggers

    Effortless and Efficient Unit Group functions for GUI Triggers Background This is a tutorial for GUI users to learn how to use the new natives for Unit Group functions while mapmaking. A lot of people, I assume, are still using GUI triggers because they don't have more time to devote to...
  27. Izzetin

    Footstep / Move Sound (Trigger)

    Hello! Im looking for a Trigger or Idea to give my Unit a ''Footstep'' sound everytime i move it around on my Map I looked this up on the Forum but only found stuff from 2008 and the Triggers i found didnt work for me somehow (Im not a Trigger expert so i need a simple way or Explanation/Screen)...
  28. Captain_Teemo

    [Spell] Reset Cooldown (Specific) Without removing & re-adding ability.

    Hello, I'm trying to reset spell (2) when using an item ability (CD Reset) but without removing / re-adding all the unaffected abilities at the same time. if anyone knows how to do this i'd appreciate any help you can give me! I already know how to reset (All) but this is not the affect desired.
  29. Ragnar9

    Number of units in Region trigger

    Something is off in the conditions of this trigger and it doesnt work. Does the Units in Region Equal to not work so well for this? The goal is to recreate the scene in the movie when the Easterlings march to the Black Gate. BlackgateEast Events Unit - A unit enters Blackgate...
  30. debeli99

    How to make unit switch between animations trigger help

    Custom model: Treasure Guardian So I’m trying to make this custom model use alternate animations when the player enters specific region. I have 4 players and I want for custom unit to use it’s stand animation when there are no players in the region, and if there are players in the region to...
  31. Rasamayu

    [Trigger] Wait in a periodic trigger cause a bug or damage in the trigger?

    Greetings hive I am creating a skill that stops time, this skill can only be cast by one unit at a time, which means that simultaneous casts are not allowed. And what I want to do to make it more realistic is to place a Wait, verifying if the ability to stop time is active with a bool, in...
  32. DexterFstone

    multi-time increases damage via trigger

    how to multi-time increases damage via trigger with item-damage-bonus ability?
  33. DexterFstone

    Healing Salve ability

    Hi I need some ability it like Healing Salve, but it has a health limit when it is full u can use it, but I need some ability to u can use always and if take damage buff is removed it's like Healing Salve ability. any idea? or how I can remove Healing Salve's full health limit?
  34. Thiiago

    [Trigger] Just an chat Trigger to SetName by command

    Remember the "cheats" like: greedisgood X Greedisgood = Command X = amount (?) I need an command / code similar but is for Unit Name... Ex: -SetName_Talon The selected Unit change her name for Talon, understand? Or i do -SetName_OldBear The selected Unit change her name for OldBear o thats...
  35. urachi

    Hero change model when reaching level 10

    Greetings, i am looking for a "simple" trigger. I want a Hero to turn, for example, from Footman Model to Knight Model when reaching level 10. Keeps all items, stats and abilities. Thanks for reading.
  36. SnowTauren

    [Need Help] - $5 on Paypal if you help me - Enable/disable ability on unit summon/death

    Goal: Make Rexxar from Heroes of the storm that has summon Misha as Q ability and E as mend pet ability that heals Misha. What I need help with: 1. Disable mend pet for Rexxar when Misha is dead(not hide) only disable. 2. Enable mend pet for Rexxar when Misha is summoned back again with Q...
  37. MasterWarlord

    Need help doing math to find the correct "hitbox" for my triggered spell?

    Intended spell effect/tooltip: "Sloth slams his chains onto the target point dealing 650/750/850 damage in a 150 area of effect 500 distance away from himself, stunning enemies for 1 second, and knocking the target back towards Sloth. Enemies hit by the giant slam of the chains take full damage...
  38. Radicool

    [Trigger] Tome Tax - Shop Item Replacement

    Hi all, Goal: I'm making a Tome tax system. Every few tomes the player purchases, the cost of that tome rises for that player only until a cap is reached (currently 5). I wanted to ditch having triggers do the gold requirement check and deduction after purchase and have the current price listed...
  39. DexterFstone

    blocking chat

    it is possible to block chat messages for players(for example player 1) in a short time?
  40. Tomerion

    Rescuable Unit Color Change

    I have a custom unit whose team color is purple in OE. However, if I make the unit rescuable for Player 1(Red), the unit will automatically change it's color to red whenever it's rescued. Are there any triggers or any other solution, to make the unit keep his purple color after it is rescued?
  41. Ruvven

    [Trigger] Leak Problem (Trying my best)

    Hello again masters of WC3 Editor! As i have recently become aware of so many leaks in my game (that i hope can be replayable so leaks or gonna be a massive issue later). I am trying my best to "fix" the leaks and i have run into a slight problem that i am really unsure how i should take...
  42. Thiiago

    [Trigger] Change "Text - Hotkey - Normal:" help

    With these new changes and additions for ability (and others...) editing by Trigger Editor, can anyone tell me if and HOW does it change the part, from: "Text - Hotkey - Normal:" (if need) Raw data name is: ahky (Hotkey) (...) I searched and didn't find it, I just found it for other things...
  43. Ruvven

    [Trigger] Melee/Ranged Isnt Working

    Hello Community that has helped me understand so many things in the WE! #MuchAppreciation! I am having trouble with yet another situation here as i have googled and searched through here for answers on switching from Melee -> Ranged and keeping spells and all of that is cool. The problem is...
  44. Matthew's_warcraft_book

    [GUI] unit - unit within range of cant take points?

    I need an event for when a unit comes within range of a point (variable), but the variable isn't showing up, only unit variables. How can I do this? I will be replicating this trigger dozens of times, I'd rather not use regions for every single one, is there another way? I am open to using jass...
  45. HolyWillRise

    Help! Chain Lightning Trigger Doesn't Work!

    Sometimes when "Chain Lightning" is used it does not hit the other two or one target(s) near the main target. And when there are only two targets, it hits the main target, and not the second target. So it works maybe 50% of the time. So.. How to fix it so that it hits the required targets all...
  46. Ruvven

    [Trigger] UnitMakeAbilityPermanent

    Hello again I have a map where spells are not learned normally and thus picked up by spell books along the way, also i have morphing possibilities and many of you probably know that the two of those does not go well together. I have seen alot of people mention the sentence i used as a...
  47. DexterFstone

    need trigger to find WHO IS WINNER and Ranking

    Hi, I'm working on my map and it is done now I need a trigger to find who is the winner My Map Detail 12 Player, 4 Team, each team have 3 player 10 Round game I use multiboard Kill Die Flag Human team var Kill(0) var Die(0) var Flag(0) orc team var Kill(1) var Die(1) var...
  48. Benpai

    change and increase item ability

    hi, is it possible to change the stats or add an ability of an item with a Trigger? I want, that a Hero is able to buy a base item with like +1 int and +2 str and if he buys a dummy foliant the stats of this item should be changing to +2 int and +4 str. I was trying to do it with this, but it...
  49. DexterFstone

    [Spell] bear trap ability

    Hi, I try to make bear trap ability and I'm using custom Ensnare ability for trapping unit around of bear trap but how to do that? I need trigger, pls help me
  50. DexterFstone

    remove dummy unit

    Hi why dummy units is not remove by this 2 trigger? Unit - Add a 2.00 second Generic expiration timer to Fireblast_Dummy Unit - Remove Fireblast_Dummy from the game I add model to my dummy unit and i see it is always stand at created position and never removed, Why???! or it is just graphics...