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    [Tower Defense] Horde Incursion - Alpha 1.0

    LOOPERION's HORDE INCURSION (Alpha 1.0) Survive. Kill. Upgrade. Discover. A tower defense mixed with role-playing. . . . You have been assigned to guard up a forgotten region, where things immediately go downhill. Unravel your story as the game progress, discover secrets and uncover what truly...
  2. [NR] Nikita

    help for tower defence

    Hello everyone I'm a big novice, you could say I'm touching the world editor for the first time. But I'm determined to do my tower defense as I imagine a Burbenog, Spiral Defense and Green td, all mixed with some addition I have in mind. I'm already stuck with the spawn monsters of course my...
  3. Alterac Greenhills

    Alterac Greenhills

    Same as Trade Path - used by merchants, but sometimes locals reports about howling wolfs...
  4. Trade Path

    Trade Path

    One of path, by which traders comes through Alterac. Without any guards, they oftenly raided by ogres.
  5. Frostbite Lair

    Frostbite Lair

    Under those rocks lives an dangerous creature. Would you have enough courage to awake it?
  6. New Campaign Level - "Frostbite Lair"

    New Campaign Level - "Frostbite Lair"

    One of 3 new campaign levels, and this will be agains yeti and other ogres. Also it's Alterac, so grab your sweaters and tea - it's cold outside!
  7. Voltron212

    Creating a Randomized TD Wave-Set System

    Hello! I am creating a TD with a few complex ideas I'm trying to implement... but have next to no idea how. I am reasonably new to using the Editor, but am trying to my best to learn while making my dream TD. I want to make it so there are multiple Wave Sets of units which get rolled after each...
  8. Homor

    [Campaign] Diablo's Labyrinth Lord! (Dungeon Keeper inspired campaign)

    I'd like to introduce you guys to my newest pet project: Diablo's Labyrinth Lord! You play as the big red menace himself, Diablo! In a tribute to the gameplay style of Dungeon Keeper, you'll explore complex underground dungeons and turn them into full blown Labyrinths. Waves of heroes will...
  9. The Nightmare Book

    [Campaign] Scourge of Lordaeron: TD Edition

    Scourge of Lordaeron: TD Edition "The warning has been given. Their fate is now their own. - Medivh (c)" OVERVIEW "The original Warcraft 3: Reign Of Chaos Alliance campaign, completely redesigned into a tower defense genre. The inspiration came from Ironhide Studios' acclaimed series of games...
  10. Zaaif

    Chess TD V1.36

    Hello guys I made my own TD map, that is inspired by Legion TD. So you build towers, that during the wave transform to units and fight mobs to defend the Golem. The game supports 1 to 4 players Map has couple of game modes: Mobs amount: -Standard -2x -3x Mode: -Solo -Co-op There are 3...
  11. impulse

    Name our TD!

    Hey! So as the title says i need a name for our TD, for the moment we have it named Season TD but feel like thats not a fitting name. Concept of TD - Maze - 4 different builder Fire,ice,lightning and last race unknown -unit spawn from 4 regions. The name Season TD came from that we wanted...
  12. Stoevchy

    [Defense / Survival] Asahi's Adventure

    Type: Tower/Hero Defence, Survival Chapter 1: [The Awakening] Single player (this chapter only) Playtime: 60-80 minutes. Version: Reforged (for now) Choose between normal and hard mode! Build towers and equip them with items! Train defenders and equip them with items! Take advantage on...
  13. GamerSmurf

    Towers starts to turn when attacking after Reforged

    Hi I have created a TD where all the towers are based on the standard Guard Tower and replaced with a unit model like most TDs. After Reforged one of the towers(Archer) now turns when attacking the creeps. I have not made any changes to the tower and bow even remains as the model has not...
  14. Meatsausage

    [Tower Defense] Mun TD Wars

    Hello, for further development i need some feedback! map: Mun TD Wars. Play against other players 1v1, 2v2, or Practice alone or as a team against the computer. Any feedback, criticism, idea etc. is highly appreciated! Thank you, enjoy the game!
  15. trollbolt97

    Tower Defence Campaign - Trollforged

    Welcome! If you havent played the map recently and are interested in this campaign I suggest you do so. Playing alone as red would be my suggestion duo to the maps solo mode. Map info: -Map name is subject to change. -Map base will be taken from Circle TD Trollforged. -Primarly randomized...
  16. Meatsausage

    tower with healspray ability? tower with friendlyfire?

    Hello there. I stumbled over this Forum and wondered if someone could give me advice so Ill get right into it! I hope this is the right place for this kind of question, if not i apologize. how can friendly towers be told to attack (friendly)team units? and how can i assign "healspray", so it...
  17. BradPittlord

    Instant Tower Block Detection with out lag?

    I've seen this asked before and it seems not possible to detect a block through triggers in a large mazing area without a lag spike. But it has been asked soo long ago, I don't know if anyone had any breakthroughs? I mean Warcraft 3 itself has to run A* code everytime a movement order is issued...
  18. BradPittlord

    [Solved] Broken Map

    Alright so on a TD I've been working on for months with many backups saved. I load backup #44 test it, it runs fine. I then make a couple small changes to it, add a few spells, a few simple triggers, then save it as #45 I test #45 and the unit pathing makes no since, they can walk through...
  19. EarthWormJimmy

    [Tower Defense] TD with to many concepts

    So I've almost finished my TD, Octagon TD, but I feel like there are too many concepts put into it clouding out each other. 1. Random map generation; the map is generated with a random number of waypoints, obstacles, portels, and positive/negative buff runes for each player. 2. Mazing; the...
  20. volka25

    [Untitled game] -Alpha Testers -Player Opinion

    Hey guys, I started working on a map after hearing about Reforged, which was great to hear after putting 12 years into an outdated engine, and my mate has been urging me to share it. He's a hardcore gamer and has never given me any positive critique until now, so it has given me some extra...
  21. blackRaTTeN

    Random models?

    Hey everyone I'm a newbie map maker and i'm working on a really cool td-like map. I wanted to make my "castle" (more like a tavern) spit out workers, but every time the model of a worker is different. I want to have a limit of 4 workers too. Could you help me with both of those things? Thanks...
  22. Hysw

    TD questions, when im placing a troll headhunter, it starts running around if an enemy is close...

    TD questions, when im placing a troll headhunter, it starts running around if an enemy is close... i can stack infinite troll headhunters on top of eachother, anyone got a solution? and is there any guide on creep sending with multiple spawn points?
  23. LordTalbot

    [Tower Defense] TD

    THIS POST IS OUTDATED, PLEASE SEE: TD 1.2 Final /Final project presentation (the attached version is 1.2 Final, yet there might follow a translation which I can't promise to attach here) TD is basically a very classic Tower Defense, with strict waypoints, lifes...
  24. Celaquil

    [Tower Defense] Vigilance - Dimming Lights

    Vigilance: A Work in Progress Dimming Lights Description: Vigilance is a tower defence style single player campaign heavily inspired by the game Kingdom Rush. It will take place after the happenings of Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne and will pit you as the commander of a defensive force in...