1. Bawbz

    [Altered Melee] Spellbringers - Open Beta (and chance to win up to $300)

    WHAT IS SPELLBRINGERS? Spellbringers is a total conversion mod for Warcraft III Reforged, completely changing the game into a classic real-time strategy game that is full of surprises. It boasts all new units, many custom models, and completely asymmetric factions. There are no heroes in...
  2. SixxTailsHD

    Direct Strike Tournament? Anyone Interested

    Recently I been getting into Direct Strike. I been playing ALOT of it. I searched and haven't seen anything else going on Tourny wise for Direct Strike(except for Sc2 of course) Just putting out some feelers, would anyone be interested? I'd put up 50$ for the winners. Format would be something...
  3. SeTh_WC3

    Warcraft 3 creators cups

    Hello everyone ! I want to create a project related to custom race making and tech tree development. I would like to launch a very special serie of cups with a prizepool for Warcraft 3 competitive players in which competitors can pick a custom race ! The format of the cups will be 2on2 with a...
  4. Azothan

    Lordaeron: The Aftermath - Grand Tournament Shoutcasts

    Hey there guys! I have the first match uploaded in two parts on my channel right now. games 2 and 3 are coming in the following days as well as any other replay action. Zoom has the livecast up on his channel now here,
  5. QuantumT

    Island Troll Tribes Tournament

    Island Troll Tribes is a Survival PvP Arena game in which you and your tribe build up a base, hunt for meat and gather items to make gear. The ultimate goal is to fight with and defeat the opposing tribe(s). Hey Guys, We would like to invite everyone to our Island Troll Tribes Tournament. Clan...
  6. wTc[JediMaster]

    Hero Push 3.5 Tourney

    So Hero Push 3.5 version is on it's way to be published. When it is out we are going to Host a tournament with ENT. So keep your eyes up and plz sign up when it's announced.
  7. SixxTailsHD

    Interest in a 1v1 Contest? Melee Only?

    Would anyone be interested in having a 1v1 Melee Tournament? I can provide both Voice Comms if needed as well as a Hosting Bot. If 7-10+ people are interested I will start working out the details.
  8. Threim

    Matrunian Tournament

    Hello fellow wc3players! I plan on hosting a wc3 tournament! It's a somewhat meele tournament. There is a difference which I will list below! :D Meta is different Some characters have been buffed, some characters have been nerfed. I will list all the final changes long before the tournament is...
  9. Overlords Ascention

    Overlords Ascention

    Holy War Boss Mode