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  1. Ruvven

    [Trigger] Leak Problem (Trying my best)

    Hello again masters of WC3 Editor! As i have recently become aware of so many leaks in my game (that i hope can be replayable so leaks or gonna be a massive issue later). I am trying my best to "fix" the leaks and i have run into a slight problem that i am really unsure how i should take...
  2. Ricola3D

    Hero switch - issues with auras still here 1-2s after teleport

    Hello, In my map (Hero Defense type) there is a mod where each player has 2 heroes but can only play once at a time. All the second heroes are paused & teleported to an out-of-range area. Whenever he want, the player can switch between heroes by selecting the 2nd one (click on portrait or F2) ...
  3. ThompZon

    [Solved] Move unit without breaking channel

    Say you have this trigger, and trigger it with a Dark Ranger - Life Drain spell. Events Unit - A unit Start the effect of an ability Conditions Actions Unit - Move (Casting unit) instantly to ((Position of (Casting unit)) offset by 100.00 towards (Random angle) degrees) This will...
  4. hweeter

    level transition unit or doodad, (staircase up and down)

    Hi Hive, I'm building an RPG map based around a tower with multiple levels. I am trying to find the best way to do my transitions to upstairs. I know how to do teleport via region, my issue is the terrain or placeholder doodad to define the area. I would like a staircase model or something...
  5. Bubo

    Help Rotating Spawned Units

    Im looking for help regarding rotating units from one area to an other where they need to keep their position but be able to rotate how they are positioned. I've looked around on the internet and haven't found a solution and I've also experimented around for a long time now and cant figure it...
  6. HerrDave

    Nazgul Hero Spells (War of the Ring)

    Working on my War of the Ring map, I have found that I need a very, very specific hero spell. Green = Finished Red = Unfinished Orange = In-game skills I've tried to edit Nazgul Lord Dark Binding - Transforms specific unit into Black Rider permanently, max 8 Shadow Walk - Teleports self and...
  7. RedClaw

    Mass Teleport Allies

    Can someone please make a map to show me how to make the spell ''Mass Teleport'' teleport allies too? i tried to follow some other old threads instructions on this but i don't really know how to trigger very well or follow the instructions. I would very much appreciate the help <3
  8. troylowyee

    Recall MUI Spell Help

    I'm making a 3v3, 1 lane skillshot AOS map. Been doing a MUI recall spell but the SFX doesnt seem to be destroyed if many people are using. The spell doesnt work at times when multiple people are using it at the same time. I used GUI and also a Damage Engine by Bribe. The spell is under the...