team color

  1. InsaneMonster

    Muradin's Dwarf Expedition team color in Northrend

    Hey there! While working on the Northrend mission, I started asking myself which one should be Muradin's Dwarf Expedition team color. Keep in mind that whatever color I use for them I cannot use for undeads, and this is especially important if we are to choose the orange color. Anyway, let me...
  2. Joseph6428

    Team color for reforged texture

    I'm looking at adding team color to a texture I'm working and am a complete noob at this process, if anyone could provide some guidance it would be greatly appreciated. --- MERGED WITH --- I am working on a reforged texture and have been trying to add team color to the model/texture but keep...
  3. Tomerion

    Rescuable Unit Color Change

    I have a custom unit whose team color is purple in OE. However, if I make the unit rescuable for Player 1(Red), the unit will automatically change it's color to red whenever it's rescued. Are there any triggers or any other solution, to make the unit keep his purple color after it is rescued?
  4. PiesOfNorth

    [SD/Misc] StarCraft Asset Improvements

    I've been working on a Zerg Campaign for War3. It uses many assets from Project Revolution, some which I modified to add things like sounds, attachment points, or collision boxes. That's about the extent of what I feel confident doing with the assets though, as I'm not much of an artist...
  5. 84chrome

    [SD/Modeling] Add team color

    Hi everyone, If possible add team color to the bands.
  6. InsaneMonster

    Jaina Team Color

    From the question of the pool what do you think should be Jaina team color? I'm not sure about that, and she is not consistently portrayed in game. So... share your opinions! Note: Pool edited, now purple is violet, as it should be.
  7. Dispatcher

    Unit Skin Team Color Request

    Can someone who knows how to model or edit models pls give this skin BloodElf-SpellThief a Team Color because when i put it in the WE in player 1 which is red color the skin is red of course but when i put it in player 2 which is blue the skin still has the red team color can someone pls fix this?
  8. Master Haosis | Team Color

    Master Haosis | Team Color

    Edited with the permission of his original creator: General Frank. Link:
  9. master Gul'dan

    Dark Ranger

    I have two requests for edit the dark ranger model. 1.Remove any black smoke in the model and portrait. 2.Please add team color to dark ranger cape, like a ranger model. Thanks.
  10. master Gul'dan

    Team color (Solved)

    Can anyone add team color to this model? Please add team color to the Shoulders.
  11. Dark Elves in multiple team colors.

    Dark Elves in multiple team colors.

    I think they fit.
  12. Dark Elves in multiple team colors.

    Dark Elves in multiple team colors.

    I think they fit. (expect for gloves, gonna recolor them to black or dark gray asap)
  13. Lurker99

    Faction Selection for a Wc2 Melee

    Hello Hive, I am working on a melee map that will use wc2 factions (not just Orc and Humans, but the actually kingdoms and clans). I require a trigger system that will allow the player to select their nation or clan simply by using the assigned team color at the map start ie playing as human...
  14. Tanni

    Blood Mage Team Color/Recolor?

    Hello! If possible, I'd like to request for the blood mage's armor to be team colored and not just plain red. If this isn't possible, then turning his red armor into a blue variant would also be wonderful. Thanks!
  15. Tutko

    Kael (Blood Mage) recolor

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone can recolor Kael so that his body armor that is currently red can be teamcolored ?
  16. Tutko

    Model recolor

    Hi. Can anyone add some team colors to the standard tent model from warcraft 3 ? I want to use it instead of human barracks, but since I have 10 player colors in the game, it will be confusing which tent belongs to which color. Multiple versions of it would be even better! (I'm picky a bit ^^)...
  17. Captain Bacon

    Request - [Model] Simple White Floating Shapes

    Hello! I'm making a map with lots of Items, and there's three categories they fall in: Unit Items, Hero Items and Consumables (I don't nessesarily need a model for consumables). What I need is the shape that represents them on the map itself (the treasure chest by default), but something WHITE...
  18. Maxwell

    TC for buildings

    Can somebody add Team Colour to those models? I would be really grateful.
  19. Xardian

    Replaceable Textures for coat of arms?

    Hey there, I have a question about replaceable textures. My goal is to have a system with a bunch of symbols for the players coat of arms, which would be displayed layered over their teamcolour on shields and flags and such. Now I saw in Gaias ORPG that when you equip or unequip an armor you...