starcraft ii

  1. deepstrasz

    StarCraft: Cartooned

    Blizzard Entertainment has just released a game mod based on CarbotAnimations for StarCraft: Remastered. Players can enjoy ladder with friends and strangers without the need for the latter to have bought the mod. The visual artistic style of the mod is on par with CarbotAnimations videos...
  2. LordHatchet95

    [WC3] Starcraft 2 Volcanic Planet Environment Showcase (Opinions + Tutorial + Poll)

    Hello everyone, LordHatchet95 here, and I want to show you a few stuff about this small terraining map I've been doing: If you have anything to share/add about the map, make sure tu let me know. I gave credits about the models I've used on this map, which are few being used. Thank you for...
  3. Shar Dundred

    Nova Covert Ops - Release of Mission Pack Two

    Nova Covert Ops - Release of Mission Pack Two Today, Mission Pack Two to of the Nova Covert Ops has been released on along with the 3.5.0 patch of StarCraft II! What is Nova Covert Ops? The "Nova Covert Ops Mission Packs" contain a new campaign for the StarCraft II story. As the...
  4. Shar Dundred

    StarCraft II Terraining Contest #1 Theme Discussion

    In order to get a few things rolling in our little StarCraft Section, it has been decided to launch a series of StarCraft II contests - starting with a terraining contest. Therefore, we're opening this thread to discuss about a fitting theme. Please share your ideas with us! :) Ideas so far...