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  1. NikWal

    Hello everyone, please help. Does anyone know where to download this model of the Skeleton King?

    ( )Hello everyone, please help. Does anyone know where to get this Leoric model. Needed for a map. I have never seen anything like it. Does anyone know where it can be downloaded? Have a nice day and good luck everyone.
  2. Ikarus

    FInal Fantasy Models

    Do we have Model from Final Fantasy ? I need Cloud, Tifa , Sephiroth, Tidus, Yuna, Wakka, Squall, Noctius, Gladius, Prompt, Ignile Would be awesome if there alrdy exist and i just dont find them xD maybe as adds FFVII all weapon bosses and maybe jenova ? ;/
  3. Basileus

    Searching for a map by description

    Hello everybody. I'm looking for a map with specific concept (searching by applying filters was unproductive). I'm not really sure if maps like this even exist, but if they do, I would like to find them. The main idea is something like altered melee + tag/vampirism hybrid. A group of players...
  4. Mikkel Træsborg

    Looking for an old rpg map

    Hello everyone! See me and a couple of old friends wants to play wc3 during the coming weeking. I'm looking for an old rpg map and i don't remember the name of it. Maybe some of you can remember the name from what I can tell of it? So you'd start out in a city and as soon as you got in you'd...
  5. DanishDudeFromDK

    Looking for scenario

    Im looking for a custom scenario map. Some knight lands on an island, discovers two villages fighting it out and you join one of them to defeat the other. Has a TD part where you defend your own base. The knight starts out with a sword and shield, but can upgrade to wielding two swords. The...
  6. BLazeKraze

    Plant monster models.

    Hey guys! I'm not requesting to create a model for me. I just want to know if someone know where to find some good plant monster models. I've been scouring throughout warcraft 3 modding sites but I can't find plant monster. Thanks :)
  7. DarkHD

    Request some old maps

    First i don't know if i post in the right topic and if i am wrong please let me know. Hello guys,i searched for a long time some maps that i played when i was a kid. 1. I remember one map was with orcs and humans in the top right corner of the map and they spawned every 10 seconds or...
  8. Gumberbunbder

    Add more Filters for Icon Search

    Hello! I enjoy the new hiveworkshop in a lot of ways, its definitely appealing to the eye, but searching for icons can be a bit difficult. Could more filters be added to allow for more specific searches. Example filters: armor, weapon, consumable, etc. Reorganizing all the icons to fit into new...
  9. Tigrick

    Looking for EXISTING model. Reward for finder. (Daemon model from spanish map)

    Hello guys, I am looking for this demon model: It can be seen in these (spanish) videos: the poster on utube is called arconte saurio. He does not reply to comments so far. In the map, the unit with this model is called: Destajador cruel HELP me find this model on the internet, plz! I...
  10. Maximum_Evil

    I really hate the new Search system

    I really like the new Site design, but... In the resource filter of the model section, I cant put in any keywords. And the search bar in the top corner you search the entire Hive site... The Advanced search doesn't help either, because I check 'Models' and I still get random other stuff (like...