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Request some old maps

Discussion in 'Requests' started by DarkHD, Feb 22, 2017.

  1. DarkHD


    Feb 22, 2017
    First i don't know if i post in the right topic and if i am wrong please let me know.

    Hello guys,i searched for a long time some maps that i played when i was a kid.

    1. I remember one map was with orcs and humans in the top right corner of the map and they spawned every 10 seconds or something like that . Humans were spawned from tents. Near the battle it was some human camp with a paladin near a throne and had 2 rows of footmans who guard him. You could choose to be a demon hunter and he had a spell with a net and if you put a net on a enemy unit that unit would be ours ( Like Banshee's Possession spell). If you had an idea of the map let me know.

    2. The next one its a map. It was like 10 Hero Siege wotlk but kil'jaeden was the final boss.

    3. The third one it was some like a blood mage map and the thing that i remember its when you were in town you go in some tiny arena and you need to fight with a Dread Lord and some of his units.

    If anyone can help me please let me know. Thanks

    Sorry for bad english,it's not my native language.:ahug: