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  1. Gumberbunbder

    Editing Model Rotation Messing Up Animation

    Hello. I know next to nothing about model editing. I was rotating some gate models so i could have vertical and other diagonal versions for buildings in my map and I ran into a problem. I rotated this gate: But its animations are screwed up now. For example here is the death alternate now...
  2. vneck

    [General] Unit Pitch Rotation

    You used to be able to rotate units, such as exp effects to make beams etc. by changing the max. pitch angle to -90. This seems to be not possible anymore, so I'm wondering if there is another way of achieving it.
  3. vneck

    [General] Reforged -90 degree pitch angle not working anymore?

    Hey, it seems like reforged removed the feature to rotate a unit via setting the pitch angle to -90 degrees. Is there a workaround? Or is it going to be fixed in the future?
  4. Mechcash

    Camera Angle

    Is it possible to change the defeault camera angle/rotate it for the whole game? So when the game starts it's not the normal camera rotation, but basically a 90° rotated view, which lets you see the map from another direction than the defeault one. Thanks in advance!
  5. Uncle

    [Solved] Units near cliffs get weird rotation

    Edit: Solved. Setting the Art - Maximum Pitch Angle / Roll to 0 did the trick.
  6. ANdROnIQ

    SetCameraBounds + camera rotation bug

    So, today I came up with this crash function: function Crash takes nothing returns nothing call SetCameraField(CAMERA_FIELD_ROTATION, GetRandomReal(240, 300), 0.00) call SetCameraBounds(-1000, -1000, -1000, 1000, 1000, 1000, 1000, -1000) // just any bounds, even GetWorldBounds()...
  7. Hazop

    Rotating Buildings

    Does anyone know how to add building rotation to maps? Like the ability to rotate buildings with like an ability of sorts?
  8. hardcure

    Casting ability but facing wrong...

    I made a ground-target ability(Shockwave,Envision) and make a trigger with it.... Everytime i cast it, a bullet will come out and shoot. But the problem is when casting behind my unit-facing , the attack animation is already performed while the rotating(angle,direction) process is still...
  9. hardcure

    Ability And Rotation...

    I made a ground-target ability, now the problem is that my unit start the attack animation before it faces to the target point of ability being cast....
  10. loktar

    [Solved] Difficulty adjusting camera angles through mouse position

    I'm trying to get the camera to adjust through mousemovement. When moving the mouse horizontally, the rotation should change. When moving it vertically, the angle of attack should change. I've got it working nicely, but only when I enable them separately. Once I enable both, angle of attack...
  11. loktar

    Camera Field icons

    I just uploaded a new version of Importless Model Viewer (map) which includes a camera control interface. Right now I'm using these icons: Which are edited from this one and this one. They're for: Field of View Position XPosition YHeight Offset (Z)Distance Rotation (XY)Angle of Attack...
  12. hardcure

    Building(Unit) Rotation

    I've downloaded a Fence and i make it a model to my Wall.....When i build it it only Make a horizontal line... What should i do? make another one and how to make it ha vertical one?
  13. Furry Nova

    [JASS] Getting Correct real Rotation

    I've decided to start making my own spells in JASS. So far I'm creating spawn target points with Polar Offset based from the cast click point. I've followed this guide but it's a little difficult since I'm not very knowledgeable with geometry Math. So I'm taking it one step at a time. This is...