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  1. Dranosh Saurfang Mounted

    Dranosh Saurfang Mounted

    Kangyun's Dranos Saurfang model + Elrat's wolf rider's wolf mount + Jhonwar hero Nazgrel's wolf mount animations and armor bits
  2. Thiiago

    Gryphon Rider grounded

    Can someone add to an Stand and Walk animation from wolf (timber wolf.. spirit wolf.. any wolf...) on Gryphon Rider ? ps: don't need delete the normal flying stand / walk animations of gryphon rider.
  3. WTFliio

    BattleForMiddleEarth WarcrafT EditioN

    Hi, so yeah. I'm new to this website, i joined here for like a... 7 months ago. Though, I played Warcraft for like 3 years already, and then I searched a Warcraft 3 modding site, and I found this site. And now I'm making a map that has BFME based Map, and I need more models. Since, converting...
  4. stein123

    Forsaken Bat Rider archer

    Hello hivers, i would like to make a request, i'm using the dark elf bat rider from the Hearth of Storms model pack from here: Projects of old, gather ye' resources... [Mod Compendium] , as a forsaken flying unit for an altered melee map, i made a little modifications so it resembles more a...
  5. Chaos Wyvern Rider

    Chaos Wyvern Rider

    FileName: ChaosWyvernRider.mdx FileSize: 79KB IncludedTextures: 1 In-GameTextures: 4 Animations: 10 FileName: ChaosWyvernRider_Portrait.mdx FileSize: 35KB IncludedTextures: 1 In-GameTextures: 3 Animations: 5 Polygons: 321 FileName: ChaosWyvernRider.blp FileSize: 111KB ImageSize: 256x256
  6. Tagar

    request- model remake

    hello can somebody help me recreating the cavman orc boar rider model, i try to contact him but he have almost a year disconected upgrade more leather armor head change weapon change the one that help will achieve rep
  7. birollo

    Gryphon Rider has piercing damage. Does he?

    Hey guys first of all I'm sorry if I posted in the wrong sub-forum, just dunno where to post this question of mine. So, I used to believe Gryphon Rider has magic damage since tft's release but I just now discovered while using world editor that Gryphon Rider has actually piercing damage...
  8. Tagar

    orc boar rider

    hello i need someone that can make an orc riding a mighty rider like this or maybe this one and a pair of icons for them