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  1. izaiphovias

    Reteras Model Studio: Animation Issues, Trying to edit bones

    I am trying to create a Beastiary model for the Fel Orcs. I have imported some Fel Orc Burrow parts into the Beastiary, but for some reason I can't get them to properly attach to the correct bone. The imported geosets were attached to the "cage" bone, which moves during the "work" animation...
  2. Makkad

    How to delete unused animations from HD model, but save FaceFX "node"?

    Hello. Need your help. I am using Retera 0.04. And I need to clean up unused sequences. But the custom tool for this (Edit/delete model components) has major drawback. It doesn't transfer FaceFX "Node". Without this units can not open mouth (in HD-mode). What is the easiest way to solve this...
  3. Mountain Giant Render

    Mountain Giant Render

    It turns out that normal maps make things look better. Surprise!
  4. Grizzly Shaders

    Grizzly Shaders

    Shader programming is grizzly business
  5. Team Color 2022

    Team Color 2022

    In this video, retera renders the team colors
  6. Billion Pixels

    Billion Pixels

    Rendering the sorceress with a billion pixels
  7. Ardenaso

    [Reforged] Compiling importing errors and the solutions to fix them

    In Reforged, some of us has experiences of models suddenly breaking when we import certain geosets of another unit or when we import certain animations to another unit. I don't have any solutions myself but I think it would be a good idea to pool the importing issues and the solutions here for...
  8. xorkatoss

    Fully Optimizing Reforged Models

    Hi everybody, so I recently started using Retera Model Studio and I want to make some simple models out of the already existing ones. So basically my goal is to take models like the Blacksmith: (3.21MB) and keep only stuff that can be used for doodads/decoration: My problem is that for...
  9. xorkatoss

    Reforged Textures Problem

    Hi everybody so I started creating some simple "HD" floors with reforged textures and I have come upon a strange problem. as you can see some of them don't appear to be textured in game although they are in Retera's: My guess is that it might be a texture path problem, the working models...
  10. Dagren double

    Dagren double

    Coming soon ... our hero in hammer and mounted versions. Only some of the wonders proportionate by Reteras model studio for Reforged.
  11. Retera

    [Poll] Retera Model Studio GUI Question

    Hi! I am Retera, author of Retera Model Studio tool. I was doing some updates and I thought of a problem in my program that is small, but it affects anyone who uses it. Furthermore, my tool never "calls home" like some modern software. So I have no data metrics about who is using it and what...
  12. Lorddeath51

    [General] Retera Model Studio Reforged

    Okay I just wanted to use it because I'm planning on making a big campaign and well I get a error saying " A Java Exception has occurred " I updated my java and I have no idea of how to fix this. Any help is fine.
  13. EmnoS

    Problems with animation transfer.

    Hello, I'm new to the modeling scene and so far I've been having a lot of fun, but when recently I've become to see myself against a wall with certain situations I've encountered. So I made a tauren wielding a 1h sword, gave him 2 new attack animations, (one from Grommash and one from an Orgre...
  14. LoryGundevil

    Model Missing

    Hello. I'm new with modeling so i just googled around for a software that would helped me with that and i found Retera Model Studio, it seems a clean and nice software but i'm having some issues with some models, like when i click on Magroth the Defender it appears a common Paladin instead of...
  15. Retera

    Retera Model Studio Reforged Hack

    Hi guys. I've been going around the internet toting the potential of a Retera Model Studio Reforged hacked version and the kinds of things that it could make. Everyone who saw it wanted access to the technology so that they could begin making their own Reforged models in the same way that I was...