replace unit

  1. SometimesZero

    Replacing Units and Item Charges

    Hi everyone, What I'm trying to do is replace a unit with another unit using the GUI's Unit - Replace function, and I'd like to preserve the original unit's inventory. Here's the code I have so far to preserve the inventory. For each (Integer A) from 1 to 6, do (Actions) Loop - Actions...
  2. bruunk

    [Solved] Is it possible to trigger transform abilities on heroes

    I want to make a hero that is all about shifting forms. They will have 4 forms total, one of which is the default. I started out by making custom versions of bear form, crow form, metamorphosis and burrow with the idea that I would just make each one transform the hero into one of the other...
  3. HerlySQR

    Question about "Replace Unit"

    I wanna know what happens when you use the function "Replace Unit"? Did your unit transform in other or your previous unit get hided and apear a new unit?
  4. Cheshire

    [Trigger] really weird bug with "replace unit" on creeps

    hey, So I made a spell that issues an order to the target -at lev 1 to move to a random point, and at lev2,3 to attack a random enemy of the caster . I also added to lev 3 of the spell "replace unit" so it would also take the target unit out of any control groups its in (with help from...
  5. Murilliom

    [Solved] Preserving Proper Names Between "Unit - Replace "

    Anyone know of a quick and dirty way to preserve a Hero's proper name between replacement? For example, I have an instance where a Hero is replaced with an identical Hero with different abilities. In this case, "Build Advanced Structures". However, once the Hero is replaced, a new Proper Name...
  6. Virus-X

    [Spell] Change Weapons(Replace Unit) problem

    Hi, i has my problem with my weapons when change weapons First, if i change weapons when the stat strength get a bug. Example: Before After Seconds, if i change weapons when all spell is under cooldown, all spell will reset it when i change. Example: Before After this is my trigger i...
  7. InSaNe_97

    Replacing hero with another hero of different level.

    How I can replace Hero A of level 11 for Hero B of level 1?
  8. Diegoit

    Replacing CryptLord and CryptFiend (suggestions pls)

    Hey all im making a melee map which has Undeads and Nerubians as differents races, so decided to just change these units models to no change the Undead gameplay style. ill just change their models (CryptLord and CryptFiend). Can you suggest me some model to do it (just bring me links (Hive...
  9. Virus-X

    Replace unit problem and make sound have distance.

    1:I was use a replace unit in a zombie maps to change weapons, use a skill speed,make bleend when zombie attack it, but when i'm change a weapons, all buff, cooldown time white i'm use speed are remove, i'm don't like this bug, please how to make a better replace. Event: A unit is equip a items...