1. D!ma

    Destroyer Form Gold/Lumber/Food/Mana glitch

    Hey ya’ll so I’ve been trying to get one of my units to change into another as a form of upgrade without triggers (sorta like a footman into captain so on). Well, once I compare obsidian statue and destroyer, if you change destroyer gold or lumber cost in editor, it changes in game (ie. if u...
  2. vindorei

    Im fed up with Draenei Paladin......WIP

    I just don't know how to make this evil guy decent.
  3. erfanmola

    Replace W3 Classic Models with Reforged

    Hi, I was wondering if there is a way to replace W3 Classic models with reforged, so there would be no need to download tons of gigabytes of reforged only for HD UI Since editing models in W3 is possible, then what keeps people from not replacing SD models with HD models and get Reforged...
  4. Superfrycook

    [Altered Melee] Battlefield Warcraft Reforged Faction Overview - The Death Angels

    BFWCR Logo by Ken Lenard Navarro posted Jul 26, 2020 at 6:35 PM Hello again, my friends. I would make an another altered melee race for BFWCR, the Death Angels. Overview: The Death Angels were once proud warriors and constantly loyal to the Imperium, but now under the leadership of the Imperial...
  5. DagrenHammer


  6. Orcs  Villagers pack

    Orcs Villagers pack

    designed by @Bagysta
  7. The Eastern Kingdoms V2

    The Eastern Kingdoms V2

    thanks to Marthen's contribution, the map now closely resembles the accurate Lore map and is a proper mixture of old and new maps.
  8. HERON


    Hello guys, I want to knowing something... is it worth making campaigns for classic, or should I wait until will be a custom campaign in reforged? My English isn't good, sorry.
  9. The Might of Gilneas

    The Might of Gilneas

  10. The Alteraci are ever loyal...or are they?

    The Alteraci are ever loyal...or are they?

  11. Around Goblins, always stay awake

    Around Goblins, always stay awake

    Orcs should always take caution when a Goblin Alchemy is in their camp, otherwise entire garrisons may get leveled to the ground
  12. It's always a good idea to have Pig farms near a campfire during snow

    It's always a good idea to have Pig farms near a campfire during snow