1. Lordliw


    Hello, one year ago I started using JassCraft to make my own AI scripts. But I've encountered a few problems that were easily fixed. During that time I learned (heard) that JassCraft has two types of programming. The easy one and the hard one. Now, I've learned the easy side of JassCraft, but...
  2. Lordliw

    AI expanding on a different location

    Hello, I am curious as to how I can make my AI make/expand their base at a different gold mine, just like in blizzard maps, the AI kills the creeps guarding the mine or another player using the mine, then they go and build a small (outpost?) base there. Thanks in forward to those that anwer. :grin:
  3. Lordliw

    JASS AI Attacking Enemy Base

    Hello. I wonder if I can make my AI attack every building. When I put SuicideOnEnemyEx(), they aim to destroy the town hall and once it's destroyed they stop and don't attack any further. Is there a way I can change it so they aim for the whole base and not just the town hall? Thanks in fowards...
  4. Lordliw

    JASS AI Base Scripting

    Hello, I'm wondering how I can make the AI destroy all enemy buildings. Because when I put SuicideOnPlayerEx it just gets their town hall and then they stop. Thanks in forward to those that answer.
  5. pyf

    3D Buzz, Inc has closed its doors - all content available for free

    One may use the 3dbuzz.torrent file for downloading any or all of their available material. The subjects covered are: 3DBuzz was one of the original online learning resources for computer graphics, programming and game development, first launching way back in 2002. Until recently the site was...
  6. W

    Question: Programming sites and softwares, about the games

    Any reliable programming learning websites beside the w3schools ( and the official Microsoft Visual Studio website pages? Prolly the game programming as well. Personally, I found there are Unity, Unreal Engine, Blender, Microsoft Visual Studio, and Simple DirectMedia Layer, (SDL...
  7. MeMeMe123

    What would it take to make a JASS debugger for WC3?

    So, I'm posting this here because at this point, it doesn't feel right to ask in the other forums since this isn't just about WC, but about learning a bit about the tools of the trade. I can program, though it's been years since I've used something more serious than python (which I love, but...
  8. Sapprine

    [Solved] How do I change the Armor system? Haha! I did it!!

    So, I've been playing quite a bit of Starcraft lately and I noticed that armor in SC is a direct form of damage reduction. (1 armor = 1 less damage take from attacks). I want to implement the same system in Warcraft 3, I think its better as the 6/11/15% damage reduction armor does now, in some...
  9. Sapprine

    [Role Playing Game] Warcraft lll - A turn-based RPG?

    Remember the classic internet game 'Murloc RPG'? I've been dreaming of a Turn-based RPG in Warcraft 3 for awhile now, but I'm not a programmer myself... Basic concept: - A 2D prespective with by locking a low area of attack camera to the main character - Arrowkey movement of main character...
  10. TheLordOfChaos201

    [Development] Two Java Games

    Well a very famous hiver( @pyf ) suggested I upload these two games I created. I don't have much to say about them since they were both created by someone else before me, I just recreated them for my own use and for the entertainment. I hope you equally enjoy them and maybe come back here to...
  11. stonneash

    Object Oriented Triggering?

    Lvl 1: Would it be possible to create classes and instances? Lvl 2: Would it be possible to incorporate encapsulation? Lvl 3: Would it be possible to create super and sub classes?
  12. Alex_mmm0334

    Opacity of dialog boxes are changeable?

    How can I change opacity of dialog boxes? is it possible? I want to make my in game dialog boxes invisible, however I do not want to disable or remove dialog boxes. what is your suggestion for doing this? Map file and war3map.j file are attached below.
  13. Alex_mmm0334

    [JASS] How can I ad Keyboard Hotkeys to dialog box

    I'm paying a good price to do it for me, [VIA PAYPAL ] I have a map with a dialog box inside. I want to use Keyboard Hotkeys For Example ("Up" then "Down") on key board to active dialog buttons for example "Gold Rate+25%". This map have this ability for activating menu. call...
  14. Alex_mmm0334

    jass programmer Needed

    I am searching for a jass programmer. :cexc: To do a small project in Dota 6.85K Map. I'm paying a good price , [VIA PAYPAL ]:cwink: I would be grateful if you could suggest me some one. looking forward to receiving your comment.
  15. Gogetakao


    I joined Hive Workshop when I was 12, back when Warcraft 3 community had its charm, when it was a very populated community. Now I have turned out 17, and learnt some decent English Grammar. I return to Hive, because I see great talents here. It's like a mini Silicon Valley, after I have read the...
  16. Ruke


    vrJASS Language What is vrJASS? A just-for-fun programming language which compiles down to JASS (Warcraft 3). It aims to improve and replace the beloved vJASS. What? x2 An update to vJASS which tries to solve its flaws. I want to try it! - I need a manual...