1. Dark-Zalor

    Pokemon World V1,10 Beta

    Pokemon World Beta V1,10 Created by Dark-Zalor An epic travel in the universe of pokemon. This map purpose to players to move in a pokemon universe to catch/train/customize/name Pokemons. You can customize your team, the spellpack of each pokemon. When pokemons get new...
  2. Ruvven

    Create "Wild Grass" like in pokemon with random encounters?

    Hello there everybody I posted my 2 "somewhat" working triggers down below. What i want to achieve is like the feeling of pokemon wild grass where you click and randomly move within this area and then at random "clicks!" or "intervals (while moving only)" to sometimes hit a "random encounter"...
  3. Nazujin

    Pokemon Catch System

    Hello guys, i need a pokemon like catch system. I know how to make it in gui, but for multiplayer it leaks a little and can be a little laggy. if someone knows a way to make this for me without leaks of laggy i will be very thankful! i need a trigger that works like the following: the player...
  4. Nazujin

    Need help with TXT...

    Hello everyone, Im making an rpg in "monster catching" style, like pokemon and others... well im using a save load system in gui... that works ok. but i cant write the codes in the warcraft directory... Anyone could help me fix that?? i just need that the save code, appears in the warcraft "rpg"...
  5. TastyBamboo

    Pokemon: Reforged

    Summary: Design Direction: As strong an adherence to the original Pokemon games as possible- from combat to thematic elements. Game Modes: • Champion Mode (PvE) - This mode is a race against your rivals. Across the map there are gyms to challenge, that can be approached in whatever order...
  6. TastyBamboo

    HQ Pokemon Styled Mini PvP/PvE

    As I terrain, I wanted to make a natural feeling and simple map to serve as a guideline and to capture the vision of the landscape. Later I'll add a more complicated version that includes names, more towns and other primary features. Ready to challenge the Elite Four? The Pokemon League is a...
  7. Wlizer

    Find me pokemon type models

    Okay I have done research before this and I have basicially all the pokemon models I need. But I am looking for out of the ordinary models that are rarely used for example how to decorate pokemon houses? I want simple but not ugly models that load fast. (all models must work easilly). Dont...
  8. Staruy & nice aethetics..

    Staruy & nice aethetics..

    Just a small pokemon in a vast world..
  9. First screenshot from my upcoming Pokemon Dark/Light project (version 0.43)

    First screenshot from my upcoming Pokemon Dark/Light project (version 0.43)

    As title says it, its all I have to say now. Features are -Elite four -150 first gen pokemons usable -Custom made pokedex -ect lots of features to come The Project is currently "frozen" because I encountered strange lobby bug where game could not be started.. I Dont know what is causing that.
  10. xknight9x

    Duel of Fury (Digimon Aos)

    Hi guys, Decided to post my current project here. It's all about Digimon. Thanks for the abundant resources here and I will give credits accordingly. Do checkout my video pertaining the project: and please subscribe tooo ;). One of the heroes p/s: I think there is no...
  11. PKM Battle Arena!

    [Arena] PKM Battle Arena! Blog Post Thread

    Hello All. As we release a new blog post every week, it has come to our attention that it floods the forum (thank you deepstrasz for pointing this out), so we have chosen to make this post the hub for all blog posts and discussion on them. Each week we will update this post for our weekly posts...
  12. AlmaElma123

    Some custom maps seem broken after 1.29

    I seem to be having a bit of problems with custom maps after this new patch. Most notably Pokemon World 9.1 seems to have everyone attack each other and not being set to a non aggression mode like they normally are. Is there a way to fix this because I was going to be hosting a very small game...
  13. TonyKuwabara

    [HELP] Editing a skill

    Hi guys, I really dont know anything about map development so I just wanna ask a, perhaps, simple help. I found this map, Pokemon Legacy, thats its currently not being updated and playing with a friend we found that Tackle crashes the game. So I just wanna take that skill out or transform it...
  14. Craigm10

    Warcraft 3 - Pokemon ORPG v5, v6, v7 (SS anne - Load/Save fix)

    The way we found how to fix the load s.s anne bug, is we made a new character, getting the first pokemon, going through the process of getting pokeballs, fishing and save, we saved it; took the last code from the new character and applied it towards the old save code that you had previously...
  15. Exyte

    Pokémon Center & Pokémon Mart