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  1. Retera

    PKB Editor?

    Hey guys, one of the things I enjoyed on Warcraft 3 for many years was being able to easily modify the graphics of spell effects. Maybe I want to make Immolation blue instead of Green, for example. But on Reforged as many people know the spells are often stored in a binary format called PKB. We...
  2. Dispatcher

    Building Particle Emitter not showing up in game

    Hello guys i have created a build animation of a building that has no build animation and i have created it a Particle Emitter 2 and used the yellow star dim Texture and it shows up completely fine in the Magos editor but the only problem is that it does not show up in game which is quiet wierd...
  3. Yours Truly

    This model's particles are not appearing in-game.

    Hey there. I'm having a rather annoying problem with this model. The model was made by @Mythic, so it's safe to say it starts to get complicated from there. This model is basically the same model, but with 4 more spears piercing out. It was rather easy to duplicate all the parts. It appears...
  4. Jaccouille

    Edited this missile model, it doesn't render in Game/World editor

    So I edited the batTrollMissile to add some particule on the death animation, wanted a bigger explosion, I added 3 particle emitter : ShockWave, Smoke and SmokeBlack, Added 1 texture for each of those emitter, maybe the number are too high, I don't have much experience in particle, anyway I...
  5. master Gul'dan

    Dark Ranger

    I have two requests for edit the dark ranger model. 1.Remove any black smoke in the model and portrait. 2.Please add team color to dark ranger cape, like a ranger model. Thanks.
  6. Jaccouille

    Need help with those particleEmitter (Solved)

    I am trying to edit the cloufOfFog.mdx file to get a result like this : However, the shockwave on the ground, which is the second particle emitter, doesn't appear ingame, and I don't know why. So if some one could just fix/reproduce the shockwave, go on and make me happy. Currently look like...
  7. Veronnis

    Transfuse (Spell Effect) (Simple Animation)

    Hello! Thanks for reading this if you're taking the time. I'm looking to have a spell effect created that is like the following! (Base Particle: Bloodlust, buff) When cast on a target unit: 7-20 (You pick) red glows (Preferrably staggered/not the same distance) appear around the target...
  8. Callahan

    How do you make a squirt particle emitter work?

    I have an effect with squirt particle emitter (emit in ring shap).It displays properly in World editor but in game the particle disappear almost instantly. Has someone manage to make this type of particle work?