1. UmbraUnda

    Medieval Realms

    -Medieval Realms- Medieval Realms is a grand and complex RTS. It overhauls all the old WC3 systems and adds many new systems along with new mechanics for combat, construction, and much more. Test alpha map will be released soon. Still a work in progress... Inspired by Stronghold and Age of...
  2. UmbraUnda

    Warcraft: Medieval Strategy Overhaul Testing

    Would like to get some groups going for weekend testing of my recent project. MedievalStrategyOverhaul_v0.1a
  3. Medieval

    Elder Scrolls Huge Mod Campaign using Warcraft 3 Engine

    Hello Everyone!! I'm Medieval, I'm from Chile South America, I understand English very well, I'm a moder and fan creator, mostly related to Elder Scrolls So about me, I'm member of Tamriel Vault, I write stories, create fan art and even mods for Elder Scrolls games, I like a lot Elder Scrolls...
  4. UmbraUnda

    [Altered Melee] Medieval Strategy Overhaul

    DOWNLOAD HERE -> MedievalStrategyOverhaul_v0.2a Warcraft: Medieval Strategy Overhaul is a new custom melee map that I'm developing. This project is an overhaul of Warcraft for the best experience in Medieval Real Time Strategy. It combines aspects of Warcraft 3, Stronghold and Age of Empires...