model editing

  1. fang24

    Small edit help

    I'm trying to see if there is away to make the footman unit simi invisible. Mostly I want the armor, weapon and shield to stay but the human inside fully gone (no bones, ghost look fully gone like it was just living armor) but i'm having a huge problem with how 90% of any models I try to import...
  2. Dord96

    [SD/Modeling] kirin tor mages

    hello can some one plass make a kirin tor mage units models or add the kirin tor flavor to mage models from WOW pleass for some of the follwing models ?
  3. Dracarus

    Put 2 models in a single .mdx

    Well hello, I'm new to editing models, creating maps and everything. I have started to modify the models of my game and then I realized that the Headhunter and Berserker models are in a single .mdx and the ones I downloaded, those of Johnwar...
  4. CediFly

    MDL save as MDX it bone change bone attachment both MDL and MDX is same model but result of save file is not same

    If save as MDL result look normal but If save as MDX it attach to other bone automatically ,I leave the MDLfile here THIS ONE IS MDL THIS ONE IS MDX
  5. infini_ty

    Can not click on a custom model in World Editor

    Hi. I made a custom model for my map with Blender and War3ModelEditor. After I imported the model and created a doodad that uses the model, I'm able put the doodad on the map, but I can't click on it. It can only be selected by making a selection area first. This may have something to do with...
  6. A Rather Wily Beaver

    [Import] Questions about editing 1) sound sets and 2) imported models?

    Hi all, I'm playing around with making heroes, and I have 2 general questions: 1 - I believe (but please correct me if I'm mistaken) it's not possible to make custom sound sets for units (at least not easily), but it is possible to edit existing ones. I would like to edit the Dryad sound set...
  7. Artezic

    Playing specific parts of an animation

    Greetings, I made a custom animation based on the Brilliance effect. But I only want to play a part when the circles widen and then destroy the effect. In the current version, the circles stay as they are for a few moments before disappearing and I want to remove that part. This is my wurst...
  8. Lazarator

    Invisible Model(s) and Icon(s)

    Hello everybody! :) I hope you're having a great day, because I'm not. This modelling is giving me quite a headache. :( Recently I've been making a map and I just can't seem to make some models and icons work. Not all models and icons doesn't work for me. In fact, most are working fine...
  9. Gonz

    Can someone please edit this model for me?

    Hello, i downloaded custom model but it needs some edits in order to better suit my map, the model is a custom villager, although it came with footman animations, he's supposed to be a lumberjack in my map so i added an axe to his hand, i also need to add the lumber-carrying animations of a...
  10. TheFireMage


    Hello everyone, thank you for being here in this thread I tried to use mpq master to get orb of fire along with other orbs to remove that spinning around animation. But, I did not find it, I only found orb of darkness, orb of slow, orb of corruption and orb of venom. Does anyone know where I can...
  11. TheFireMage

    Sprite for another Model

    Hello editors, thank you for reading this thread and helping me with it. I am having troubles with Sphere ability, turns out that some models have sprite made specifically for them. I wonder if there's a tutorial where you can add sprite to a model like blood mage.
  12. Henry_AC

    I request to add birth animation

    Hello everyone! They would like an edition of this model, what I ask you I do not know if it is something simple, but I want the model to have an animation of the birth of humans, it had the animation of the orcs but I eliminated it, but when it comes to these problems, I appeal to you :( .