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  1. Kenshin_IV

    [General] Worker count on gold mines.

    Hello, Let me start off with that I have almost 0 knowledge about map editor. I m wondering if it's possible and if someone is able to create or guide me through the process of creating a worker count on gold mines like on this screenshot! I would really appreciate all the help! Thank you...
  2. The Old Guests

    The Old Guests

    When you wish it had been the Ironfist at your door instead.
  3. SirTeddyIII

    [General] Can I use a building construction animation for a mine unit model?

    I would like to use the night elf building construction model for a disease cloud based land mine spell. If I set the mine unit's model equal to tree of life for example, it will play the birthing animation for the length of the animation before turning into the finished structure model...
  4. Ricola3D

    How-to? Ability tunning: impale/mine/transmute

    Hello, 3 questions please: 1) How can I make Mines explode against air units ? I tried without result: - Changing "Targeted As" to "air, ground" or "ground" in Object Editor. - Changing unit classification from a trigger (remove air, add ground). PS: the expoding ability has allowed target =...
  5. HerrDave

    Gold Mine that yields Lumber

    It's that time of year folks! ThE tImE wHen EvErYtHiNg GoEs JuSt rIgHt That time of year when HerrDave needs help scripting something that is simple in his head and is like-- friggin' impossible for the Wc3 Engine...
  6. Nemesis_

    Workers returning to new town hall

    I am trying to experiment with long-range mining whereby: -workers walk a longer distance to the gold mine -workers return the gold to the nearest town hall structure However, it would seem that although this seems to work, once I build a new town hall further in distance(and displacement)...
  7. Azsure

    [Solved] Trigger Loop not meeting condition goes endlessly, causing CTD

    Hi, I needed some assitance with a code I just made up now, not only does it not do what I intended it to, but it seems that the conditions are never met and thus causing an endless loop that cause a imminent CTD. The trigger is as follows: There are 6 regions in the map, a RNG will determine...