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  1. Blood Raven

    Blood Raven's Milkshape Model Files Library

    Introduction ____________ I've been browsing my backup drives recently and came upon an archive, containing almost all of my .ms3d files that I've ever worked on. Since I won't be installing that software again, I thought it might be interesting to upload them here for everyone to browse and...
  2. Jeppe109

    UV mapping problem (Is Milkshape even worth it?)

    While attempting to texture my first model in Milkshape, I have run into a problem: Remapping doesn't work properly. Front remapped fine, but when I get to Left, it simply remaps everything to a single point, making it impossible to work with: Any ideas on how to make it work properly? Or...
  3. Levi Ackerman

    Model Changes in Wc3ModelEditor And in Game.

    Hi,I'm using MilkShape 3D with plugins to convert obj to mdx.The model is smoothed and exactly as i want it to be.Everything is ok when the model is in MilkShape and its format is obj. As you see in the picture: Even when i open mdx file to Warcraft III Viewer it has no problem and its exactly...
  4. Lynel Sword

    Lynel Sword

    A mighty Sword for equally mighty Warriors.
  5. Lynel Shield

    Lynel Shield

    It's a shield which can be used as a Weapon too
  6. Lynel Bow

    Lynel Bow

    Well a Bow with the Reference being the Name and look. (Just google it)
  7. Anzdragon

    I can't download Milkshape

    Waaa :cry: I cant download Milkshape to make models..... Anyone help me? ANYONE IF YOU CAN HELP EMAIL ME!!! :( I rly rly wanna make a custom skin! Also, how do I make quests that can rewarded people and finish?