1. HerrDave

    What is this error?

    Howdy folks, Davey-boy here with a question about the World Editor As of a patch or two ago, I've been seeing this when I open my map: What is causing this? A loooong time ago I had to do something to the game (Can't recall exactly what, but it included the MiscData.txt file) to allow for...
  2. Cokemonkey11

    [RFC] Revamping "credits" in map resources

    Hi folks, There's been a discussion amongst a few hive staff members about the current rules for resource/map submissions. The details of this are: 1. Map resources presently require resource credits to be attested in both the map (often done in the quest menu, but not a requirement), and also...
  3. AquaFire

    Units Seldom Seen in Pro-Games?

    Hello Everyone, I am an avid watcher of the Youtube channel, CrotaGaming, who does shoutcasts of thousands of pro games. I have played through the campaign of both RoC and TFT, so I would say that I have a general understanding of how every unit works. However, I do not have experience playing...