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  1. TGG

    Import Object Data without replacing current Custom Object Data

    I would like to Import the Object Data of a Custom Race I downloaded but I don't want it replacing my current custom Object Data. Is there a way to do this?
  2. deepstrasz

    (~SOLVED) Troll on spider model fuse/merge request

    Hey, if anyone could help me do this I'm a real noob at synchronizing animations. I need this for Kyrbi0's altered melee map: (6)Jungle Troll Fever - Jungle Trolls v0.2 (Classic) The idea is for the troll to stay on top of the spider. The spider doesn't attack only moves. The troll does the...
  3. stalkerfox

    Merge object data

    Helllllllooooooooooou everyone! first than anything i would like to thank anybody taking their time to awnser my question. and i know mostly will be a ''nope'' but perhaps i'm wrong! anyway... is there any way to MERGE the object data from 2 maps? to summarize. i made 2 customs heros (shit tons...
  4. Seavalan Legend

    Merging Units

    Can someone help me make it possible for three units of different unit types to merge into one unit, similar to the Archons in StarCraft. I want the units to be able to activate it with an ability. I do not think it is possible with the default abilities, but maybe someone can make a custom...
  5. Goregoose

    Merging TTOR resources(units/abilities) with the latest version of Wc3 World Editor

    Hi guys, I've noticed a topic that has cropped up on the forums more than a few occasions with not many people replying and that's about utilizing the resources from the TTOR mod and putting into regular Wc3 for use. I myself mentioned this a couple times in my other two threads. Well, I'm...
  6. ChrisAmatsu

    Combining Items of the same type.

    Hello everyone. I am new here and wanted to ask for some help. I have been making Warcraft 3 maps over the years out of fun however I am new to triggering. I started a campaign where I want consumable items to stack and items of the same type to combine into a more powerful one. The first one I...
  7. Grimhollow

    [Crash] Trigger Merger / File Exporter do not work

    So I'm trying to merge triggers from map to map but it shows up 'Plugin Error: Warcraft mpqs could not be opened.' Any fixes? I cant copy triggers one by one bros. Thanks