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  1. WC3SC1 Arthas Quotes 2/3

    WC3SC1 Arthas Quotes 2/3

    As its default unit now, I added plate armor sounds from several sources (and old games) to simulate the sound they'd make. If you think they sound too loud, do tell me, for I can lower them still. Oh and btw, the "F" in the sound file stands for "Footman" and not what you may've thought at first.
  2. Zektr

    [Campaign] Rise of Lordaeron

    Rise of Lordaeron Plot The kingdom of Lordaeron is in ruins. The Undead Scourge marches trough the land and destroys everything that stands in it's way. King Therenas is dead, Prince Arthas now belongs to the enemy and last heir of the throne, princess Calia Menethil, has been sent to safety...
  3. Sxar

    Why are we fighting for? - Calia Menethil's speech.

    Why are we fighting for? The thunders roar and start to rain. The night has fallen and the mother earth know soon the ground will be feed with blood. Calia looks all her men, tired and worried about horde reinforcements, a lot of them know in the moorning they will be dead. Just after all they...
  4. Sxar

    Calia Menethil Campaing - Staff Recruite

    Hi everybody, since a few weeks ago I'm developing the main plot for Calia Menethil Campaing (writer) with help of Gottfried (editor). The main plot with the side quest is already done (just need small hot fix in the final quest). However, it's time to recruite a staff in order to develop such...
  5. Sxar

    Calia Menethil - Campagin Main plot and Side quests

    About the story until now (I'm not native english so excuse me if I made some gramm mistakes): - Calia Menethil, daughter of King Terenas. She is few years old more than Arthas. - The story beguins when Arthas returns from Northrend expedition. She's in a makeover to recive Arthas when he enters...