Calia Menethil Campaing - Staff Recruite

Level 14
Aug 20, 2014
Hi everybody, since a few weeks ago I'm developing the main plot for Calia Menethil Campaing (writer) with help of Gottfried (editor). The main plot with the side quest is already done (just need small hot fix in the final quest). However, it's time to recruite a staff in order to develop such huge campaing before end of the year.

The staff need:
- Trigger pro x2: the campaign have multiple ways to be played so the proyect need trigger pros who can work together in order to help each other and share ideas.
- Map creator pro x2: the campaign have over 30 maps must be crafted. So in order to archive the goal of release it before end of the year, we need almost 2 map creator pro (enviroment, doodads or even if we could recycle some maps of other campaigns if the owner allow it).
- Artist x1: the campaign goal is be blizzlike or far so, you must craft some content in order to keep this standard (hero icons, loading screens like WC3ROC/TFT with maps, spell icos...)
- Sound/Music pro: to record voices, recycle sounds (from WoW or WC3) or even play your own themes for this campaign...
- Beta tester: someone to exploit bugs in order to fix them before release alpha.

If you can do something about campaign need please write me and coment this post with some of the proyects you already have work, however if this is your first time it's ok too. Thank you so much!