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melee map

  1. granitegolem.png


    Granite golem converted in autodesk 3ds max, potencional replacement of wc3 granite golem level 9.
  2. nees

    The path of the map maker to fame. Or how does the map pool change?

    Hello. Well, let's say I made a melee map. How long to wait until this map appears in the map pool of tournaments or on the ladder?:peasant-thinking: How are new maps chosen for the map pool? Somebody knows?
  3. AGKRegal102

    [Melee] What is mpksingh's popular map?

    Please comment if you want to see a popular map.
  4. First Opposition

    First Opposition

    Second race
  5. AGKRegal102

    Melee Map Requests

    Hello here! Please comment before you will create new map in WE. Example: Map Name: The Beginning Size: 116x86 (128x96) Tileset: Sunken Ruins Players: 2 Recommended version: 1.24a - 1.28c Template: Map Name: Size: Tileset: Players: Recommended version: (optional: 1.21, 1.24a - 1.28c, or...
  6. mafe

    Melee map suggestions for tournaments and ladders (Spring 2020)

    Hello wc3 players and mapmakers, for most of the time of the existence of wc3, the competitive mappool has been evolving very slowly, if at all. Recently, there seems to be an increased in interest in giving new maps a chance, evidenced by tournaments such as the Tag Team Tournament 2, or the...
  7. Hive_Parasite

    [Melee] Rate fix my custom heroes for a Melee map

    Hi, I was wondering if there are any members who still play WC3 melee maps and who could have a look at some heroes I designed. No triggered spells substitutes/recommendations as I want the map to be playable across multiple versions. Bandit Warlock: Mystical Hero, adept at demonology. Can...
  8. mafe

    Melee Mapping Contest #4 - 2v2

    MELEE MAPPING CONTEST #4 Create a 2v2 melee map that excels in balance, terrain and creativity, while being suitable for Warcraft III Reforged. No submission may violate any of the site rules. If a submission does not follow the map submission rules the creator will be disqualified. All...
  9. Void Ridge map layout

    Void Ridge map layout

    This map is giving me a headache tbh
  10. BrazilEmperor

    My Map - Suggestions

    I'm creating a map based on the traditional style (Melee), however, on my map it will have only two factions, and I wonder if a map with 4 heroes on each side and an average of 3 units per building could impress players ... however, I need some suggestions about this ... for example: 6 heroes...
  11. Mr.Henci

    Melee map contest #2

    Soon, it will be a year since the last melee map contest and I must say that it was a quite enjoyable experience. Thus, I want to ask you, my fellow map makers if you would be interested in the next round of melee contest?
  12. mafe

    Melee mapping - The reasons behind common aspects of competitive 1v1 maps

    Hello hiveworkshop, I am mafe and in this guide, I would like to gather and elaborate on some topics around melee maps that come up of on a regular basis for new melee maps uploaded on the hive. Authors note: This will be a long thread, and it will likely never be finished. I will try to add...
  13. burnie

    [Mapping] Making a map with 4+ race

    How to make extra races work Hi guys, at first im going to say thad this, what is often here called is impossible, isnt impossible. It took me a lot of work to get extra races work with out replacing any normal race, but there are still some little things to fix like a the win/defeat condition...