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  1. Itachi2020

    Custom Map Issues SD/HD Models

    Hello, I have spent a couple of months creating a multiplayer map. Unfortunately players on Classic have been complaining that certain models go invisible. This includes the Female Zombie and a few Heroes. All models have a classic variant, they just don't seem to load for them. Any ideas on...
  2. AquaFire

    Where is the best map-making community for Remastered?

    Hello Everyone, I was an amateur map maker for Starcraft: Brood War, and now that Remastered released, I decided to take it up again. I wonder where the best active forum is for map-making for Starcraft: Remastered. I made maps on the World Editor for WC3 as well and this website has been a...
  3. AquaFire

    SCMDraft 2 Keeps Crashing. Help?

    Hello Everyone, I am making a map using the latest version of SCMDraft 2 for SC:Remastered. I have noticed there are some new features since the relaunch and I am looking forward to what I could do with what I believe is the most powerful SC Mapmaking tool. However, the client keeps crashing at...
  4. Fauhyde

    I don't know how to fix these errors.

    I'm new to map making, but I really want to get into it, and make stuff, but I haven't been able to get a single model I've downloaded from this site to work right, they will show up in the editor as green boxes, and will showup untextured, or in an array of chaos in MatrixEater, or other Model...
  5. TheGoldenGoblin

    Would multiplayer mapmaking be something that Blizzard will ever add?

    Hi! With the new 1.29 patch alot of new stuff has been added. I still would like natives to get key pressing like "W" "A" "S" "D" but other than that I'm very happy for what they have done. Anyways lets get to the point. There is some newer games with mapmaking that allows multiple players to...
  6. SoulStealer

    War3 Map-Making Team Needed

    Hello all,I want to create a team that creates maps and campaigns for war3.If anyone is interested in Joining,Feel Free to contact me at [email protected] for further details. Thanks all.
  7. AquaFire

    Maximum Locations in SCMDraft 2? New Limitations Pushed in Brood War Editors?

    Hello Everyone, I am making a map using SCMDraft 2 to play in the Remastered Version of SC Brood War. However, I am aware that there were limitations with the engine before the new updates. After a long hiatus from SC, I have decided to take it up again. However, there are a few questions that...
  8. Rubellu Sidus

    [Role Playing Game] Diablo I - Remake On WC3

    Good morning! I'm working in a project: the remake of Diablo I in WC3. However I'm not sure of some things and I want to know if someone can help me out: If I should put itens like: Swords, Axes, Armors, Rings and others. I don't know how to properly build a dungeon, nor put monsters on it, and...