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  1. Zenonoth

    [HD/Texturing] Simple Maiev Reskin Request

    Greetings, I require the reforged Maiev model reskinned to look more like the current wow version with green armor and white hair. Willing to give both reputation and credits in my map! Sincerest Thanks.
  2. Thiiago

    Moon Glaive skill help

    I need an spells complicated to describe, but i try. Is an "frontal" attack directed to "point clicked" Basically is the "Fan of Knifes" of Maiev Shadowsong in HotS look in 1:01 work like. You click in point.. and the Warden "damages" all units in this "angle" Angle = 90º Distance of...
  3. Supervised "Solitiude"

    Supervised "Solitiude"

    He may claim to have been alone for millenia....but there was someone watching...... Remake if older pic(that never got posted here xd) with new model and another illidan model that wont prolly get released too soo xD
  4. "Doing what she does best" :v

    "Doing what she does best" :v

    Also it shows my skin and slight model edit for Illidan i prolly wont release...maybe as some compilation in my own minor edits thread or on hive's thread for these....dunno :v
  5. Sclammerz

    [Campaign] Shadows of Hatred 2.0

    Maiev and her watchers arrived in the ruins of the orcish homeworld, Draenor. They soon discovered that Illidan had come alone, thus the recapture proved to be fairly easy. Then the naga had arrived on Outland, and they had brought new allies: the same blood elves that Maiev had helped before...
  6. DarkRanger2

    Simple Edits and creations request !

    Hello people. I am starting a new project and I need a few models, textures, and even simple edits. I think what I might ask cam be useful for future projects, but specially for my project ! I need the following things, will add a comment if I need something Else : 1 - Green fire (Small and...
  7. Sclammerz

    [Campaign] Sclammerz's Campaign: Legacy of Gilneas

    Hey, welcome! This thread is about the campaign I'm currently working on. Shadows of Hatred - My first campaign. Developed through 2014-2016. SoH also received a major update on August 2020. Legacy of Gilneas - My current campaign project. Developed through 2020 - ?. Discussion started here...