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  1. EnigmaX

    [General] Is it possible to remove this meaningless gate-opening scene?

    Blizz added this weird gate-opening scene in reforged. It's cool but I don't want to see every single time during my map testing. I want to skip this scene. Are there any ways to unable this screen?
  2. Classic Warcraft III Style Custom World Map

    Classic Warcraft III Style Custom World Map

    A little something I puzzled together by sampling pieces of Blizzard's loading screens together with some WoW map icons. It's for a story I'm writing, but I doubt it'll ever actually become a Custom Campaign...
  3. JMitchy

    Custom Loading Screen Request

    Hi, I'm looking for someone to make a custom loading screen for my project: [Campaign] - The Menune Project: Wrath of the Dragon (Classic Edition) I have an image readily available for anyone that can do this for me. Thanks in advance!
  4. NME Ironarrow

    How to fix a long loading screen

    Hello community! I have recently created a map which I heavily work on, however it is starting to get quite heavy and the loading screens are getting longer, do you have any ideas what i should do in the map to make the loading screen any faster? I have something like 70 triggers 150 + custom...
  5. Mayday

    High Resolution Loading Screens

    In this tutorial, you'll find how to get a HD Loading Screen. There's two methods available. ".dds" & ".tga" The one you choose is based on the Warcraft 3 version you have. Users on the Latest Patch can choose between either, although using a ".dds" import is superior as it uses a lower file...
  6. Warcraft II: Reforged Custom Map - Promo Screen

    Warcraft II: Reforged Custom Map - Promo Screen

    It is 4K, and meant to ressemble the box art of Warcraft II: Tides of Dakrness, but with less naval theme.
  7. gchibeni

    Map Creation Kit

    Introduction: Hello. Im here to drop this super duper map creation kit that I made, which contains tools to create full HD up to 4K LOADING SCREENS and MAP ICONS, tools to PROTECT your maps from filthy thieves, and even maps with TRIGGERS that can be easily copied and pasted to your maps ...
  8. BradPittlord

    Loading Screen

    Is it possible to get an 1920 x 1080 loading screen? No matter what I can only get 4 x 3 aspect ratio Tried using Loading Screen Also is there a way to hide loading bar? I tried Importing .blp textures and giving them the paths below, idk if maybe the size counts, I tried 128 x 128, and 256 x...
  9. sur5al

    v1.30 stretched high res loading screen?

    I did search the awesome and infinite internet before littering this forum with another thread, but can't come up with solution on my own... Short version: Is it possible to have a high resolution loading screen stretched to 1920x1080 (or anything wider than 4:3) in warcraft v1.30 (my map is...
  10. matin45

    [Import] Loading Screen Import

    How to import loading screen?
  11. Bglongor

    War 3 Model Editor

    So ive been working on a map for a long time now and theres this issue ive been having since i changed my PC. My Model Editor just wont work as it was supposed to. Every time i try to convert an image into a .blp I would get an "unkown error occured" pop-up. I tried everything - converting the...
  12. Maelstrom - Custom Loading Screen

    Maelstrom - Custom Loading Screen

    photoshopping loading screen requests https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/custom-warcraft-lll-loading-screens-request-now.306037/ Interested? Contact me on discord: Sapprine#8332
  13. Kyu Enysomenm

    Custom different loading screens for each stage

    Maybe my first post :| I've made different loading screens, based on a same world map, and am trying to use each different picture for each single stage, just like what original campaign goes. (The original one has different pics for each stage, mainly describing the route of hero) I searched...
  14. Adorm

    [General] Custom Loading Screen w/ Player Loading Bars

    Hey Everyone, Trying to figure out how to accomplish something I've certainly seen done before, but I'm unfortunately finding few hits on how to properly do this. I would like to use a custom loading screen for my map, but also have the player loading progress bars that are seen when...
  15. Remixer

    Island Defense Loading Screen Artwork [Request]

    Hello dear Workshop members. I am currently one of the editors of the well-known map, Island Defense and we editors have decided that because of big internal changes it would be a good time to update the old Loading Screen of Island Defense. We don't have an 2D artist to rely on however, and...
  16. Sapprine

    Loading screen - doesn't need to look proffesional, just moderate.

    Request: Custom Loading Screen Quality: Doesn't have to look proffesional, just moderate Deadline: None, but I'd prefer to start seeing semi-finished results/progress in about 2-4 weeks Credit/reward: - Max. 2 rows of text in loading screen text. - Your name and link to your Hive account in...
  17. hypsandar

    [Spell] Any pre-made loading screens that i can import? Or a way to make em?

    The guide seems to be outdated.. Creating a Custom Loading Screen The website for the program needed for this is broken. So err, does anyone know a secret database of sort that contains loading screens and needed files to import them.... Hence, Google doesn't know.
  18. aschenzkimutech

    Loading Bar

    How to change loading bar please teach me how? :rolleyes::rolleyes: please !!:cred::cred: the map will much better if the loading bar is colorful and nice...
  19. Neruvatar

    Hello Hive!

    Hi, I have been working on many maps but none revealed to the public (LOL) cuz I still need to improve, like, A LOT. Wish you guys here can help me a lot!\ Hail HIVE! PS: I need someone to do a loading screen for me. It's about the founding of a forgotten Naga empire Nazja'shuri. It...
  20. S


    Hi, i'm a designer of loading screens. I don't use photoshop, i use paint.net. I'm also a model designer. I use gmax for modeling cuz i don't have enough money to purchase 3dsmax. I can't find any good tutorials for modeling in gmax, if anyone could give me a link to some tutorials (especially...
  21. domz186

    How to create a Loading Screen for Newbies

    Hello, i'm a new map maker and this is my first thread. Today i will explain how to create a loading screen. Tools I use: -World Editor -War3ModelEditor First you should change the format of the image to .blp Second you should click on the Extras-Loading Screen Creator then click...
  22. cooldud3

    Changing Loading Bar Text

    Loading Bar Text Guide This is a quick guide on how to change the text in the loading bar. By default its set as "L O A D I N G", "Press any key to continue" and finally "Waiting for other players". Because the map has to load before these changes can be made, the L O A D I N G will not...
  23. RoughneckLeader

    How do you implement loading screens?

    I made a loading screen, but how do you actually put it into the map? And I mean the full-screen one, not the mini-512 pixel one. It only appears black.
  24. Nickerchen

    LoadingScreen... white? Why?

    I want to make a LoadingScreen , just for fun ( im a noob so i learn) ! First I searched for a nice tut . And soon i found a good tut i think ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qmvatkBw-bs ) I use the same Programmes and the same Model (there is a link in the info with a LoadingScreen model)...