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  1. KitsuneTailsPrower

    [JASS/AI] Adding more than 11 buildable structures to a unit

    This isn't really a tutorial. Its more of a collection of my findings on this subject. 1: You can have about 200 buildable structures on a unit. However players can only see the first 11 on the menu. You can order the construction of the others via issue order triggers. If you wish to mass add...
  2. Luashine

    Image upload limit

    I uploaded this totally cool new thing Notepad++ Jass/vJass syntax highlighter and wanted to attach a big beautiful web image that showed syntax highlighting of a big boring code file with vJass. The screenshot was 8-bit palette PNG, why would you need to know? Because I optimized it very well...
  3. RadimX

    [General] Limit Items of certain type for player

    Hi everyone, in worldeditor there is a trigger which allows me to set limit of unit-type for players. My question is: Is there any trigger to set limit of item-type for players? I can't find similar trigger :/ Idea is that player can build certain building containing items and I want to set...
  4. Bibou

    Break through 500k hp limit

    Hi, I was wondering if there was a way to give a unit more than 500.000 hp. I remember some maps in my youth with creeps having several millions hp. Anyone has a lead? Thanks
  5. Donut78

    [Solved] Disable Slope Limits in New Version?

    Unfortunately it seems the route of modifying the MiscData file in the old versions of the editor is no longer doable. I can't find a MiscData file anymore, and knowing modern day Blizzard, they probably stuck that resource somewhere out of public reach. :( Has anyone dug around enough to find...
  6. Darkslayerpowerfull

    Solution Fix to this error-trigger in my map

    Hello, i'm a new there and i'm a br, so, sorry for my bad english. My question is: i edited a map melee to altered, put some triggers, hero, ability and etc. Custom hero limits is 52 and i have more, so i used this post to help me... A Brand New Custom Hero Limitation System. Which a i using...
  7. STomP1992

    How can I do more than 6 Forces?

    Hey guys :) I got this problem. I want 8 Forces with every time 3 players. I figured out there was a maximum of 6. I think I played many fun maps and in some of them you had more than 6.
  8. HerrDave

    Raise Ground limit

    Since the new Wc3 update, I've been having a blast with the new editor and making sweeping changes to my maps. BUT I am faced with a new problem, a lot of the folders I could see before are gone, and this includes the means to edit the World Editor and make it possible to have sharply raised...
  9. HerrDave

    New patch hard-capped map sizes

    "full map area exceeds the limit of 65536 cells" Despite being run in a player-made editor which can make maps of 480x480. Due to this error I cannot change the water colour, loading screen, time of day, fog, etc. Does anybody know a workaround for this, or is it too new a change?
  10. HungryHusky

    Texttag limit doesn't apply to texttags with lifespan?

    Hi. As stated by Vexorian in this thread: "Floating Text" Limit? - Wc3C.net, the texttag limit does not apply to texttags with lifespan (non-permanent texttags). Is this correct? I would like for someone to confirm this becuase Vexorian is known to know his stuff but I have never heard of this...
  11. TheAyalalalalon

    [Solved] Why it is not working?

    I made a spell that every time casted spawns a unit and its limited to 3 units Every time it is used when number of units equal to 3 the first dies, the second becomes the first, the third the second and the new spawned unit the third The main issue is that some times works perfectly but...
  12. Ashevelendar

    [General] Doodads !

    Hello ! So...while I was making my map I exceeded the maximum number of doodads , now I can't save it. What can I do to go around this problem ? Any tools on HIVE that I couldn't find or something ?