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  1. Canny Kealthas

    Canny Kealthas

    I made this :)
  2. Henry_AC

    Help finding this model...or skin :(

    Hello everyone, I wanted to know if anyone has this model or skin, I managed to capture it a long time ago, I've been looking for it but I can't find it. If someone knows where it is, could the link or the model be passed to me? Thanks. (I use Google Translate. I hope you understand me) :D
  3. Warcraft IV: Crown of Quel'Thalas

    Warcraft IV: Crown of Quel'Thalas

    It has been a long time...I will tease something.Do not want to reveal anything else right now...As the fate of my project will be determined by the state of Reforged.
  4. Thiiago

    [Ability Effect] Three Spheres like Lightning Orb

    I just need thats, this "triple orbs" "green" is like how an "triple" Lightning Orb Target Thanks
  5. Zenonoth

    [Campaign] Wrath of Kael'thas

    Wrath of Kael'thas is the ultimate campaign project currently in development by Team Nightfall, which is mostly focused on a custom lore. "After the events of World of Warcraft - Legion, Kael'thas is somehow still alive, he has been biding his time ever since his defeat at the events of the...
  6. Tutko

    Kael (Blood Mage) recolor

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone can recolor Kael so that his body armor that is currently red can be teamcolored ?
  7. Standhaft

    [Campaign] AU Alliance Campaign G2

    Update 16 January 2020 With the impending release of Warcraft 3 Reforged, I am pretty interested in re-commencing this project. However, the beta editor isn't sufficiently complete to use and I don't want to use the classic tools at this time so I am pretty much just waiting for the official...
  8. Vanza Crandle

    Kael Model import issue.

    Hello my name is Vanza, and first off, thank you for having me on this forum. Sadly I have a problem I hope you all can help with. I apologize if this is not the right sub-forum for this, but it seems to be correct. I don't like starting off asking for help but it seems I'm left with no...
  9. Deidara1248

    How to make Computer use custom hero?

    im new making war3 maps... i made a custom hero, the computar dont use it... im sad pls i need the triggers if its possible, create a map and upload it :c
  10. Vengeancekael

    Oasis and Desert 2 (1.0.4) / Project Spotlight

    「Oasis and Desert 2」 Ѻ About: Version 1.0.4 (Coming Soon) Ѻ Official Forums: Oasis and Desert 2 ╙ Download: Version 1.0.3 ► 'TGM Team' is prepping the next major update for the hosted project Oasis and Desert 2 and this new version will feature lots of goodies: New Hero 'Lady...
  11. Vengeancekael

    [Role Playing Game] Beyond Darkness: The Shadows

    OUT NOW Beyond Darkness: The Shadows is a single player role playing game, focusing on fast paced action. Featuring different background systems, the player is immersed into a challenging world, yet rewarding and brutal. BY:TS is the sequel to The Awakening, building a bridge from...