1. J2Krauser

    JassHelper and Modulo Operator

    Hi. Is there any way to make JassHelper shut up about it? I'm aware it's been added to pJass way back now, and I'm using the newest version, but when JassHelper runs in WE, it still throws a syntax error since it doesn't recognize the % operator added in 1.29.
  2. Macadamia

    [General] Back after 16 years, stuck on 2D Arrays globals.

    Hi everyone ! First things first, my question, as people might not have time to read all my detailed explanations : How do you declare global 2D arrays in Jass without conflicting with the WE's Init Globals function ? I mean I have several arrays I use like this one : rect array...
  3. truccn

    Cannot Enable Jasshelper

    Hello. I've just reinstalled warcraft 3 and wanted to work on a map, however enabling jasshelper doesn't seem to work. Trying to open jasshelper in the wc3 folder gives me an error saying "Missing arguments: <commonj> <blizzardj> <mappath>. Doesn't seem to be a common issue with people but any...
  4. AtheosTG

    Does jasshelper now ship with standard warcraft 3?

    I can't seem to be able to remove Jasshelper. I want to use lua and i think JH is giving me trouble. However simply deleting the folder only results in it re-downloading. Anything i should know?
  5. Uncle

    How to disable the old Syntax checker (error compiler)

    As the title says, I'm having trouble importing systems because my editor (the default world editor with the most recent patch) is running both the old syntax checker in addition to JassHelper/PJASS. I've attached a picture for example. I was informed that I need to disable the old "Script...
  6. Dickie

    World Editor Trigger editor IDE

    Im a c++ developer and am trying to help a friend work on a wc3 custom map. I am new to jass but I saw that the 1.30.2 update made vjass and jasshelper included in the world editor. from what I have read as of the 1.30.2 update TESH and other helpers no longer work on the world editor. My...
  7. TheGoldenGoblin

    Is vJass now usable in the normal world editor?

    Hello! I have been gone for quite some time but I saw they gave the editor alot of new natives that we have wanted for a really long time. But is libraries/scopes/globals available to use in the normal editor now? And if so if there a way to get the nice dark background we used to have in the...