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  1. Cheshire

    [General] Maximum suggested import file size

    Hey there, I've read some stuff on the site about trying to keep your map file small and not going overboard in terms of imports. I was wondering how much is too much given today's version of the game and computing today in general. The maps I'm working on are altered melee, so should be...
  2. deepstrasz

    Concerns on the future of Reforged mapping

    So, I've been having this autistic chat with @Moonman (here: https://www.hiveworkshop.com/media/emerald-nightmare-preview-2-0.128950/#comment-98277) [he's doing a wonderful job, by the way, supreme programmer bless his soul] and I've come to the obvious realization that mapping Reforged will be...
  3. LionsBlood

    Major bug found with import manager.

    The checkbox for custom import path was removed, now i cannot change the pathing of my imports. It happened when I imported a whole folder of models/textures. Is there a way to reverse this? I have tried restarting the editor and everything besides actually reinstalling the game. If anyone knows...
  4. Voljin

    How to add textures to models in Patch 1.31

    Hello all, I have been having problems with Patch 1.31 for awhile now. Ultimately, its been more or less agreeing with my system, but I cannot figure out how to add textures to imported models anymore. I add the models, then the .blp files corresponding with it like I've always done, but...
  5. Venkolm

    [Import] Effect not showing up ingame

    Well, i downloaded this - red thunder clap - imported it, and then i saw it working, animation plays in WorldEditor. I attached it to an ability called 'Axe Slam', the Tauren Chieftain slams his axe into the ground and damages nearby enemy units and buildings. Problem is, there is no...
  6. Arturo_332

    How can I change the base height of the buildings, not the size, height (to eliminate a platform / f

    Re:Since I can change the height base of the buildings, not the size, the height (for eliminate a platform / soil of the imported model) Hello, I am sorry for the double question, but it is that I take it out of a translator since I do not know much English. Let's continue My problem is...