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  2. Ress Alt

    Ress Alt

  3. Epilogue, The Beginning of the End

    Epilogue, The Beginning of the End

    First scene of the campaign
  4. deepstrasz

    [SD/Modeling] TfT Illidan in Black Dragon style?

    Hey, I need a variant of the Frozen Throne Illidan and its Metamorphosis form to look more like a black dragon, still night elf though (no dragon head or limbs; just maybe a bit scaly and horny). If making a new model would be too much effort, an edit of @Ujimasa Hojo's View in 3D (from Demon...
  5. Illidan Undead

    Illidan Undead

  6. Illidan Undead

    Illidan Undead

  7. Lord_Marrowgrath

    Child of Light and Shadow

    Hello. Can someone make new illidan model like this? (not skin) +4 REP and CREDIT
  8. Supervised "Solitiude"

    Supervised "Solitiude"

    He may claim to have been alone for millenia....but there was someone watching...... Remake if older pic(that never got posted here xd) with new model and another illidan model that wont prolly get released too soo xD
  9. "Doing what she does best" :v

    "Doing what she does best" :v

    Also it shows my skin and slight model edit for Illidan i prolly wont release...maybe as some compilation in my own minor edits thread or on hive's thread for these....dunno :v
  10. Sclammerz

    [Campaign] Shadows of Hatred 2.0

    Maiev and her watchers arrived in the ruins of the orcish homeworld, Draenor. They soon discovered that Illidan had come alone, thus the recapture proved to be fairly easy. Then the naga had arrived on Outland, and they had brought new allies: the same blood elves that Maiev had helped before...
  11. deepstrasz

    Easy to make Illidan skin please

    Hi you guys. I would really love it if someone could edit the Evil Illidan skin to add a cauterized cut on his right front chest. Here's where you can get the reference from: (0:40 onward). Note that in the video the wound is not cauterized/healed. I need it to look as if it's not bleeding...
  12. Llama

    WoW RP Private Server

    Hey guys, I don't want to sound like spam, but I figured fellow Warcraft fans would enjoy what i'm about to show them! ^^ For two months now, my team and I have been working on a WoW Private server that is centered around RP in Outland! So far we've completely rebuilt all of Hellfire Peninsula...
  13. Kragez

    Nether Ray model

    I need a Nether Ray model for Illidan's Naga faction.It's an outland creature,like this:
  14. Demon Hunter HD from SC2

    Demon Hunter HD from SC2

  15. Sclammerz

    [Campaign] Sclammerz's Campaign: Legacy of Gilneas

    Hey, welcome! This thread is about the campaign I'm currently working on. Shadows of Hatred - My first campaign. Developed through 2014-2016. SoH also received a major update on August 2020. Legacy of Gilneas - My current campaign project. Developed through 2020 - ?. Discussion started here...