1. Wardota2 Gamer

    What is JASS?

    I actually been thinking what is JASS anyways I understand that it is a coding but I really don't understand all of it so if kindly @IcemanBo can you tell me what is JASS all of it? I actually have a lot to learn especially in coding and JASS
  2. Wardota2 Gamer

    Cinematic Contest #7 - Theme Discussion

    Cinematic Contest #7 - Theme Discussion Think of any theme that can be used in this cinematic contest! Here are some of the Past Themes that were used in the past Cinematic Contests: Cinematic Contest #1 Cinematic Contest #2 Cinematic Contest #3 Sorrow - This didn't go as planned...
  3. Wardota2 Gamer

    (Suggestion) ''Events''

    Hello Hiveworkers!, I just want to have a suggestion for this site to be better and I hope that you would make this suggestion true. Firstly I would like this site to have Events like Christmas that's an event thats what I want and morally while the event is...
  4. IcemanBo

    Memory Leaks

    C0Memory leaks For a quick lookup on most important actions, read Things That Leak. Introduction Object Leaks Reference Leaks Miscellaneous Conclusion C1Introduction If your computer's memory keeps occupied with stuff you already lost access to, it's called memory leak. It slows down the...