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how to

  1. Voxelvoid

    Importing an Icon (HELP)

    So I begin with choosing the icon I want. I want to use it for an item. So from the beginning I only downloaded the first one, the BTN. It didnt work and after searching around it seemed I needed the DISBTN too. So I downloaded that one as well. Still nothing worked. I was confused as I didn't...
  2. Voxelvoid

    Is there a leak here & how do I fix it?

    Please provide with a step-by-step guide.
  3. Medieval

    How to create a personal album?

    Hello, I'm new on Hiveworkshop, I joined just this year. I like Warcraft until Frozen Throne (not fan of WOW), I'm fan of Elder Scrolls (TES), I'm a modder mostly of TES games, but recently I'm modding Warcraft 3, the reason is I always wanted to play an Elder Scrolls RTS game but using...
  4. Mr.Bear

    Trigger Help - How to make a time bomb?

    Alright guys what I want to know is how do you grab an item, place the item at a location, then have something to activate the timebomb to activate and after X seconds it explodes and deals area damage, I do not know how to do this, can anyone help me with this? In my map, I placed destructible...