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  1. Shar Dundred

    Legends of Arkain - Second Orc Book released!

    The Orcs have returned! The Second Orc Book of the Legends of Arkain, a hosted series of campaigns by Shar Dundred, was released this week. Following the events of the First Orc Book, this campaign starts with the Orcs on the run. New enemies have emerged that seek nothing more than the total...
  2. Wareditor

    Sunken City goes to 2.4.1!

    UNVEILING THE NEW MAJOR SUNKEN CITY UPDATE Version 2.4.1 for Sunken City is out and it brings an immense amount of changes to the already legendary map. This version has been in development since August of 2017, which makes it the biggest update ever made for Sunken City. Spasmaster has once...